Procurement Divisions

Goods for the manufacture of our end products, are procured by the purchasing departments of the respective Divisions.

Further information can also be found directly at our subgroups.

  • Diehl Metall

    Diehl Metall Diehl Metall

    Diehl Metall and all its employees are aware of their social responsibility, which is also of particular importance in the procurement process and along the supply chain.

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  • Diehl Controls

    Diehl Controls Diehl Controls

    The supply and value chain starts at the procurement markets and ends with installation at the end customer - all cooperations and purchasing relationships of Diehl Controls are based on this realisation. To ensure sustainable action right from the start, we have formulated generally applicable purchasing guidelines.

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  • Diehl Defence

    Diehl Defence Diehl Defence

    Technologically outstanding products also have to face global competition. To be successful in this global competition, we depend on innovative, quality-conscious and reliable suppliers.

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  • Diehl Aviation

    Diehl Aviation Diehl Aviation

    Existing as well as newly interested suppliers at Diehl Aviation have an almost unlimited range of possibilities to become an integral part of our value creation with their specific offer of raw materials (commodities), product components and standard parts.

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  • Diehl Metering

    Diehl Metering Diehl Metering

    In a globalised economy, where it is crucial for our companies to remain competitive, purchasing serves Diehl Metering's overall strategy and represents a key performance and success factor.

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