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Networked HMI solutions made to measure

Diehl Controls
Networked HMI solutions made to measure Networked HMI solutions made to measure

For the interface between man and machine, Diehl Controls develops customized HMI solutions and offers comprehensive lifecycle services ranging from development and design to manufacturing and assembly.

Interpreter between man and machine
Devices, machines or automats are brought to life at the human-machine interface - or HMI for short. Here, the operation should be simple and understandable for humans so that the machine performs the desired functions. The leading provider of customized HMI solutions is the technology company Diehl Controls from Wangen in Germany. As a full development provider, Diehl Controls supports its customers throughout the entire lifecycle management: from the development of the prototype to the production of the electronic control system and final assembly.

Worldwide Partner for the entire lifecycle

The portfolio of HMI panels ranges from classic seven-segment displays to large-area TFT displays. Diehl Controls develops the solutions worldwide on site in Europe, America and Asia. In Germany, Diehl Controls is located at its headquarters in Wangen and in Nuremberg. In Poland, there is a production site in Namyslow and a development center in Wroclaw. Naperville in the US state of Illinois and the Mexican city of Querétaro are the overseas branches. And Diehl Controls Nanjing (DCNJ) has become the Chinese market leader for electronic control and system panels in front-loading washing machines.

Diehl Controls has decades of experience in HMIs and established long-standing customer relationships. Especially in full-development projects, where Diehl engineers are involved in product development at an early stage, implementation in partnerships pays off. On the one hand, the developers benefit from their shared joint knowledge, and on the other hand, technical and economic requirements are meet with precisely fitting solutions. This is especially true in the case of high-volume production. Certification of the application, safety-relevant aspects, production processes, final assembly, maintenance and recycling are all taken into account during development from the every beginning. Our customers are primarily the large manufacturers of so-called white goods, whose washing machines, dishwashers or refrigerators are intended for large kitchens or private households. In addition, Diehl Controls develops HMIs for HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) systems such as heat pumps, air conditioners or systems for heating water.

Networked control via IoT-based HMI
For a long time now, the human-machine interface has not only been designed for direct contact, but can also be controlled remotely. Thanks to IoT-based (Internet of Things) systems, HMIs communicate with the cloud and receive signals sent by users via smartphone or tablet. Here, the highest value is also placed on data security as well as encrypted communication. The development of IoT applications is currently shifting more and more from the cloud to the edge - i.e. directly as an embedded system in the controller. It records relevant measurement data in the device itself and evaluates it in real time in order to make quick decisions. Embedded systems at the edge prevent cloud latency and avoid downtime when the network connection is interrupted.

Complete units for easy assembly
Diehl Controls develops HMI systems as complete units, where the housing, including the display and design, are all of one piece. In addition, the wiring harness is integrated in the system, which in turn speeds up final assembly at the customer's site. Diehl Controls relies on end-to-end processes for its production, which include plastic injection molding, hot stamping, screen printing or ultrasonic welding.

"Every year, we produce several million HMIs for classic white goods, heating and cooling appliances, machines or sanitary equipment," says Carsten Wolff, CEO of Diehl Controls. "The demand for hygienic HMI solutions has increased strongly, especially due to the Corona pandemic. Here, our wide-ranging portfolio of intelligent controls and touchless gesture controls allows us to respond to individual customer requests and develop them for technically demanding systems."

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