Traffic junction shown in time lapse Traffic junction shown in time lapse

In close cooperation within the Diehl Group, Diehl Controls works on relevant solutions for the mobility of tomorrow. Together with the subgroups Diehl Metall and Diehl Aviation we realize innovative and efficient cell contact systems for car batteries and state-of-the-art electronic systems for aircraft cabins. 


  • Highest competence in the development of electronics, software and mechanics
  • Production with fully automated processes for the realization of cost-optimized, high quantities
  • High flexibility in production due to integration of new manufacturing technologies for innovative mechatronic systems
  • Project for lithium-ion batteries (car batteries) in e-mobility with cell contacting systems
  • Project for the realization of a very robust control button using sensor fusion in the aviation industry
  • New operating concepts with user interfaces in different technologies and sizes
  • Important competence synergies in cooperation with Diehl Metall and Diehl Aviation