Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving Autonomous Driving

Shaping the mobile future autonomously.

Imagine... Tomorrow is today. You get into your car and it drives by itself – suddenly you are just a passenger. You can sit back and do whatever you want while your car takes you safely and comfortably to your destination.

This dream of autonomous driving is slowly becoming reality, because it is one of the most important trending topics in the automotive industry. With this technological progress, electronics, and thus the sensors of a car, are becoming increasingly important.

Sensors are the senses of every car. They detect conditions such as temperature and speed and send out signals in dangerous situations. Today, sensors already support intelligent functions in automobiles because they ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience, for example, in parking assistants and proximity control systems or as airbag triggers and emergency brake assistants.

The more autonomously our driving experience is becoming, the more important the interaction of the various sensors in the car itself and at the same time their networking and communication with their surroundings – with other cars, pedestrians or even traffic lights – becomes.
We, too, support the progress towards autonomous driving. We manufacture plastic housings with overmolded contacts for all types of sensors. We work with our customers to develop individual solutions right from the product development phase. Our many years of expertise in plastic overmoulding makes us the ideal partner for the development of future-proof sensors.



  • Ultrasonic Sensors

    Ultrasonic Sensors Ultrasonic Sensors

    For determining distances to obstacles and for monitoring the space when parking.

  • Acceleration Sensors

    Acceleration Sensors Acceleration Sensors

    For use in passive safety systems such as airbags or belt tensioners.

  • Peripheral Pressure Sensors

    Peripheral Pressure Sensors Peripheral Pressure Sensors

    For fast and robust side impact detection to protect the vehicle occupants.

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