Electromobility Electromobility

Mobility solutions for future drive concepts

The future of mobility has already begun. The change from the classic combustion engine to environmentally friendly and climate-friendly drives is in full swing. As an automotive supplier, we are actively contributing our core competencies for sustainable mobility solutions and thus helping to shape the mobility of tomorrow.

We have been a competent partner of the international automotive industry for decades and support innovative mobility concepts with brilliant ideas. Together with our customers, we drive progress in the electrification of the powertrain by developing forward-looking solutions for specific needs or adapting existing products and technologies to the requirements of electromobility.

Our portfolio ranges from components for cooling systems or power modules, parts for sensor technology to contact systems for battery storage.

We always develop and produce our high-performance products with a view to conserving resources and downsizing while ensuring a safe and reliable driving experience.

Your requirements – our products

  • Cell Contact Systems

    Cell Contact Systems Cell Contact Systems

    For 10 years now, we have been a major development and production partner of the automotive industry in the field of cell contact systems, which are required for the electrification of the powertrain and especially for the contacting of battery cells.

    Our cell contact systems are already being used in series in various hybrid and electric vehicles. The decisive advantage lies in our innovative module strategy, which allows flexible support of the product concepts for hybrid and electric vehicles of OEMs.

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  • Pin Fin heat sinks

    Pin Fin heat sinks Pin Fin heat sinks

    Our powerful Pin Fin heat sinks provide optimal thermal management in many applications. Due to their increased surface area with direct contact to the cooling medium, cooling plates with pins offer excellent heat dissipation and are therefore used in high-performance electronics of electric and hybrid vehicles.

    Due to our comprehensive know-how we are able to easily adapt the heat sinks to individual customer requirements and thus to adapt them accordingly to each application.

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  • Cu connector end rings

    Cu connector end rings Cu connector end rings

    As a further component for alternative drive technologies, we offer forged short-circuit copper rings with excellent mechanical properties for the use in three-phase asynchronous motors and generators.

    Due to their outstanding technical attributes, copper materials in particular are predestined for applications in electrical engineering. The thermal and electrical conductivity ensure reliable thermal management as well as energy-efficiency of powerful electrical systems.

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  • Leadframes for power modules

    Leadframes for power modules Leadframes for power modules

    Power electronics play a central role in electric vehicles as they function as a mini-computer that controls the motor and simultaneously provides a connection to the battery.

    The core of any power electronics is the power module – and this is where our high-performance bondable leadframes are installed. Our products support the functionality of the power modules and thus an on-demand control as well as an efficient energy supply of the electric powertrain.

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  • Shift Elements

    Shift Elements Shift Elements

    Our innovative concepts for shift elements ensure maximum energy efficiency in electric and hybrid drivetrains while combining connect and disconnect function with the feature of mechanical overload protection at the same time.

    Our shift elements fulfill all requirements with respect to:

    • Limiting or cutting off the powerflow within the drivetrain
    • Realizing high energy efficiency and low drag torque in each state
    • Enabling imperceptible switching regarding NVH (Noise Vibration Harshness), energy and torque interruption
    • Reducing torque vibrations and overloads by and into engines

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