• Inverter Inverter


    Highly efficient control of brushless motors from the start up to high speeds. With more than 25 years of experience in design and production of customized inverters, we provide you with the perfect solution for your products.

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  • User Interface User Interface

    User Interface

    With the experience of several million produced user interfaces, we can also quickly design and produce your desired display - ranging from small 7-segment displays to large TFT displays with various integrated touch technologies.

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  • Panel Panel


    With comprehensive system competence in development and production, we provide complete panel systems. Our technology experts are in close contact with the customers and implement the optimum solutions for the mass market according to their wishes.

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  • Power Electronics Power Electronics

    Power Electronics

    More than 25 years of experience and continuous advancement enable us to realize the most efficient standby operation reducing energy consumption below 100 milliwatts. This argument will also convince your customers!

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  • Smart Motor Smart Motor

    Smart Motor

    The integration of the Diehl Inverter turns a standard motor into a smart motor – including great product features and many advantages for the customer.

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  • IoT Module IoT Module

    IoT Module

    In addition to flexibility in radio technology, topics such as security or the scalable backend play a decisive role in the overall IoT system. With more than 10 years of experience, we offer you a complete, fast and reliable solution for your product.

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  • Touch on Metal - Control Touch on Metal - Control

    Touch on Metal - Control

    Diehl Controls innovative Touch on Metal technology gives you exceeding flexibility in design, production and service of your appliances while providing optimal hygienic properties for the customer.

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  • Touch on Color LED Touch on Color LED

    Touch on Color LED

    Diehl Controls new Touch on Color LED technology delivers all features to elevate your entry level home appliance products into the buyer’s focus – giving a true TFT-feeling based on a cost-optimized solution.

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  • Gesture Control Gesture Control

    Gesture Control

    Control of products by gestures is intuitive and offers numerous advantages. Examples of gesture control applications are cooker hoods or cooker controls. Technology is also gaining ground in many other products.

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  • Battery Management Battery Management

    Battery Management

    With many years of experience in the development and production of electronic control units, we engineered a platform for battery management system (BMS) with narrowband IoT connectivity. The BMS is designed for high SIL/ASIL rating compliance.

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  • 3Sense 3Sense


    The 3SENSE technology enables cost-efficient implementation of innovative product design with unique handling. The great advantage of this technology is that, instead of only one, each switch has three operating options: MOVE, TOUCH, PRESS.

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  • Robust IoT Button Robust IoT Button

    Robust IoT Button

    With the new Robust IoT Button you increase the reliability of your machines and get all important information directly into your system. Developed with two different technologies for signal recognition, a dedicated controller and networkable electronics, these and many other functions can be implemented. For a long trouble-free future.

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