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The Internet of Things (IoT) opens up previously unimaginable opportunities to cross-link products and generate new benefits. With our cloud services, which meet top security requirements, we enable manufacturers, operators, and service providers to access our know-how on all aspects of networking energy, comfort, and security solutions.

We adjust the scope of services flexibly to the customer’s requirements. Here, we can draw on a strong network of partners. This is how we enable our customers to provide end consumers with all the elements of modern energy management and innovative building controls, or to make their products internet-capable.

  • API Service
    • Connectivity to existing third parties via REST or SOAP interfaces
    • Access to the data of all connected devices
    • Secure, monitored, and managed APIs
  • Device Control
    • Remote control of device-specific parameters
    • Rule engine for automated monitoring
    • Extended algorithms for high performance requirements
  • Notification, Monitoring & Alarming
    • Push messages by email, text, or app
    • Event-based messages
    • Device and system-related information
    • Customer and application-specific dashboard views
    • Monitoring of services as well as connected devices and gateways
    • Rule-based monitoring
    • Customer and application-specific configuration
  • Ticketing
    • Service interface between the customer and Diehl Connectivity Solutions (DCS)
    • Handling event messages from device monitoring
    • Handling customer tickets for DCS third-party support
  • Update Services
    • Remote update server
    • Software repository for remote updates
    • Secure software distribution and installation logic
  • Data Analytics
    • Reporting and visualization tools (descriptive analytics)
    • Probability of specific events or states (predictive analytics)
    • Extrapolation from existing data (forecasting analytics)
  • Third-Party Integration
    • Integration of state-of-the-art systems (e.g. CRM system Salesforce)
    • Cloud based
    • Integration via CRM interface
    • Data security and data protection
    • Reliable separation of gateway management and customer management

Within our range of managed services, Diehl Controls takes care of the operation and monitoring of the cloud environment as well as the client system. We provide the required, highly scalable IT infrastructure for this, either ourselves or from a certified partner. It can be expanded at any time, so it grows with requirements. This ensures our customers are also ready for future developments. We continually monitor the operating system and application parameters so that any problems are detected and solved at an early stage. Customized service level agreements (SLAs) determine the scope of our services depending on the customer’s needs and wishes.

Spending less time administering customer data means being able to focus more on sales. That’s why we offer our customers support with administrative activities. The customer decides what part of their data we can see and work with as well as what rights we are provided with as system administrator. The service range available covers the administration and setup of individual features right through to full support agreed in an SLA.

Diehl Controls draws on a global development and production network with locations in Germany, Poland, Mexico, and China. That gives us a global presence in the relevant markets and close to our customers worldwide. Thanks to this structure, we are aware of regional differences while always considering the potential of innovative components for other markets.

With its many years of experience and extensive expertise, our international team is the ideal partner for all medium-sized and large-volume production developments along the entire value-creation chain - from the initial concept through pre-development to volume production. We are particularly conscious of the importance of close cooperation with the customer right from the start of the development process.

  • Concept Development
    • Precise analysis of the requirements of the future product
    • Proposal of suitable technologies
    • Examination of feasibility, target costs, and time-to-market
    • Execution of development projects optionally using the classic linear waterfall model or agile methods.
  • Engineering and Design
    • Design of decorative elements in plastics
    • Intelligent variant management using a modular system
    • Integrated quality management from product development to the end of the life cycle
  • Co-Design
    • Further development of ideas together with our customers and (if required) other technology partners up to the optimal end product
    • Optimal efficiency in the product-creation process for a short time-to-market
    • Optimization of parallel development processes by all partners with our experience and specialist know-how
  • Pre-Development
    • Tracking and driving worldwide technology trends in the household appliances market
    • Execution of pre-development projects
    • Joint compilation of solution roadmaps for future-oriented technologies with our customers. Examples here are TFT displays, capacitive touch technologies, light conductors, highly efficient sensorless drives, or zero-power standby solutions.
  • Prototyping
    • The full range covered - from laboratory setup to initial samples to near-volume-production samples or testing and manufacturing equipment.
    • Matching the product (electronics, mechanics, software) to customer requirements.
  • Product Development
    • From the idea right through to volume production
    • Development of control components, modules and systems (hardware, software, and mechanics) according to relevant standards, production-optimized and with high levels of expertise. Suitable for customer-specific solutions, platform solutions, or freely applicable standard products.
    • Our TDAP-certified test laboratory (TDAP = Test Data Acceptance Program of the German Electrotechnical Society, VDE) supports approval of the developed products
    • Optimization of time and cost expenditure

For more than three decades, we have been manufacturing a huge variety of products for the household appliances industry in volume production - also as a service provider for our customers’ special components. When it comes to contract production, our customers also benefit from our expertise along the entire value-creation chain.

  • Globally networked production locations with state-of-the-art production plants
  • Worldwide, pooled purchasing volumes
  • Engineering expertise for production-oriented components and products
  • Standardized processes for high quality at all our locations
  • International supply chain management according to customer specifications (KANBAN, consignment warehouses, just-in-time, etc.)

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