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Production Production

Diehl Controls draws on more than three decades of experience in producing electronic assemblies for the household appliances industry. Fully automated, highly efficient, yet flexible - our production lines meet top requirements and feature cutting-edge technology. Depending on your needs, we offer cost-effective volume production or small series.

Our full-service approach means we support our customers along the entire value-creation chain - from development to prototype production and from testing to volume production. The specific scope of our supply is exclusively determined in each case by the requirements of the individual customer. That is why we are also able to act as a pure electronic manufacturing service (EMS) provider.

  • Employees

    Especially in the age of the fourth industrial revolution, increasingly complex and networked production lines demand exceptionally well qualified and competent operators. Our highly motivated and committed employees are key to the excellent performance of our production. They are supported by a global group of experts, each specialized in a certain technology. This is how we have established a common knowledge base at all our locations.

  • Global Presence

    We are present in various regions around the globe. Thanks to standardized processes, production goods, tools, and test procedures, we can ensure the same quality at all our international locations. This structure means we efficiently supply our customers everywhere in the world and in all industries.

  • Technologies

    Our wide range of technologies meets customer expectations around the globe. We can rely on vast expertise in all aspects of manufacturing electronic assemblies. We also have the necessary flexibility to offer every customer exactly the know-how needed for their business success.

  • Quality Assurance

    Thanks to extensive test procedures during the manufacturing process, our products meet top quality requirements. This is the reason for the edge Diehl Controls has over competitors. Our customers regularly present us with awards for our excellent product quality.

  • Digital Transformation

    We use the opportunities created by the fourth industrial revolution to continually optimize our production routines. Even today, our internal processes, products, and information flows are highly digitalized. The basis for this is a cutting-edge, high-performance software architecture that enables a large number of automated processes and provides a wealth of support tools. We are driving digital transformation and automation not only in production, but also in the upstream and downstream processes.

  • Traceability

    On request, we can also record ambient values, test results, component batches used, and many other parameters in the production process. This kind of seamless traceability ensures transparent production routines. The decision on how the data logged in this way is evaluated and how long it is saved is entirely up to the requirements of our customers and their markets.

  • Supply Chain Management

    A high-performance supply chain with scalable processes is an essential condition for flexible production in a globalized world which reacts to changing demands. We offer a large number of solutions along the entire supply chain which can be customized to suit the specific application (milkrun concept, consignment warehouse, etc.). As a result, we can continually optimize procurement and delivery times of everything from individual components to internal processes to finished assemblies.