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Competencies Competencies

With a broad variety of competencies, Diehl Controls supports its customers in all aspects of the development, approval, and manufacturing of electronic assemblies. Working in close cooperation with customers, we always find the optimal, custom-made solution.

The ideal combination of electronics and mechanics is crucial to the quality of the final product. As a specialist for system integration, we are expert in all techniques for integrating input elements in mechanical components made of plastic, glass, or metal. While the spectrum for input elements ranges from mechanical to capacitive and optical buttons right through to piezo elements, the options for output elements include TFT or LCD screens, LED modules, or individual LEDs and acoustic signals. Installation methods range from screw-fixing to welding and adhering.

When it comes to surface refining, Diehl Controls also offers all process technologies - from printing to coating and painting right through to decorative finishes. Not only do we take care of not only development, production and visual, mechanical, and electric testing, but also of pre-production and post-production logistics.

Also in the field of the Internet of Things, Diehl Controls applies its expertise on various levels. We ensure full connectivity of finished devices, for instance household electronics systems, heating control systems, or inverters, using various communication standards such as EnOcean, Z-Wave, Zigbee, or WiFi. Our optional gateway performs a bridging function to connect several partners to a superordinate system, for example a cloud or a company network.

We also offer the right middleware to connect devices to a neutral system. At cloud level, we have the competence to integrate terminal devices or middleware, or to connect them to another cloud using standardized interfaces. Services also feature in the extensive connectivity range of Diehl Controls. Included here are services over the air, for instance remote installation of new system software, version handling to enable or disable certain versions, and cloud-based terminal device management.

We supply scalable drive solutions from 100 W to 7.5 kW which are precisely tailored to our customers’ demands. This, for example, includes sensor-free control from standstill. We also offer multi-inverter solutions that control several motors, e.g. a compressor in combination with a fan. Depending on the power class, the power supply can be single-phase or three-phase. To connect control systems. we use both standard as well as customer-specific interfaces.

Additionally, we take care of the development and adaptation of control algorithms so that the mechanical system, motor, and inverter function smoothly as a coherent system. We also ensure good drive design in terms of heat, mechanics, and service life. Our expertise in these areas goes into heat pumps, washing machines, tumble driers, dishwashers, compressors, and fans.

Diehl Controls offers energy-efficient control systems that stand out thanks to their low-power standby operation. Our specialties include developing network-operated electronic systems, controlling consumers up to several kW, integrating touch sensors using galvanic separation, and grounding and interference-suppression concepts that prevent negative impacts on the network. Our power modules comply with the requirements of regional approval authorities such as VDE, UL, and CCC. They also meet valid EMC and household appliances standards.

We produce our electronic systems using a toolkit consisting of system architecture, switch components, control software, and test specifications. Control is via micro-controller platforms based on different operating systems. Also integrated are various software elements for functional safety. Bus systems connect the power modules to other system components such as drives, user interfaces, sensors, actuators, connectors. We protect components from critical environmental conditions such as vibration, moisture, or dirt with painting, encapsulation or housings.

Similar to the power modules, our user interfaces are also characterized by energy-efficient displays, network-operated switching power supplies, galvanic separation, grounding concepts, and interference suppression. They comply with the requirements of regional approval authorities such as VDE, UL, and CCC. They also meet valid EMC and household appliances standards. Another important topic is interface development. We implement graphic user interfaces with corresponding software and integrate customer designs.

Our display technology ranges from vacuum fluorescence displays (VFD) to organic (OLED) and inorganic light-emitting diodes (LED) and from LED modules to liquid-crystal displays (LCD) and TFT displays. Wherever illuminated elements are required, we provide their optical simulation as a standard service. Furthermore, we are expert in all input technologies and select the right touch system (optical, capacitive, piezo-electric) depending on the surface material (plastic, glass, metal) used. Our technologies for bonding sensors and plastic components are lamination, ultrasonic welding, and adhesion.