• CO2 reduction targets
  • Energy efficiency
  • Eco-Design
  • Green electricity

For us at Diehl Controls sustainability is of prime importance. Taking care of environmental aspects is therefore an essential part in our daily operations. We are convinced that sustainability is crucial for the long-term success of our business, and we are determined to constantly improve our environmental performance. In compliance with our corporate strategy, we aim to design products and solutions that support and enable a sustainable future. One example is our innovative inverter technology which enables us to realise unrivalled energy efficiencies in the field of heat pumps. To reach our sustainability goals we implement numerous individual measures in terms of CO2 reduction and climate protection.

Exemplary measures:

  • According to the requirements of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, we determine our corporate carbon footprint and deduce operational reduction targets and specific energy efficiency measures.
  • Based on the identified key focus areas we contribute to global efforts to combat climate change in alignment with the targets for CO2 reduction target of the Diehl group.
  • in doing so, we have committed to reducing CO2 emissions in Scope 1 and 2 by 38% until 2030 and by 90% until 2045, based on data from 2021.

  • We strive to achieve energy efficiency in our processes and across our value chain. Therefore, we apply ECO design through our product development process to minimize the carbon footprint of our products over their complete lifecycle.
  • By implementing sustainable practices, we reduce our energy consumption and decrease our impact on the environment.
  • Energy procurement is a central element to reduce CO2 emission. It is our goal to gradually switch to regenerative sources of energies to operate our facilities and production buildings.
  • Seeking continuously for possibilities of decarbonisation our dedication to sustainability extends beyond compliance with regulations and standards.
  • We will continue to implement innovative solutions to minimize our environmental impact.