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Connectivity Solutions

Connectivity Solutions Connectivity Solutions

As an OEM partner, Diehl Connectivity Solutions (DCS) develops and produces hardware and software as well as front-end and back-end applications for intelligent networking and multiple-system controls for industrial plants, decentral energy management systems, and smart-home products. We offer our customers bespoke end-to-end solutions - from gateways to interface integration to cloud services and individual devices. This is how we enable telecommunications companies, device manufacturers, energy utilities, or building technology suppliers to tap into the lucrative future market of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Whether the task is connecting an industrial plant or a private home to a network - we bring together all requirements to form a coherent system. Our scope of supply and services covers order development for hardware and software, integration into existing systems, connection to individual devices and plants, hosting and operating multi-client-capable solutions, the production of hardware, and much more.

We implement end-to-end solutions, yet so flexibly that we only provide support where our know-how is required. Working closely with the customer, we apply agile development and definition methods to develop tailor-made products for each specific application - regardless of whether it is for software, hardware, cloud-based services, or creating new business models.

Included among our customers are companies in the fields of appliances, smart home/smart energy, and industrial connectivity.

Central unit Central unit
Central unit
Switching/dimming actuator Switching/dimming actuator
Switching/dimming actuator
Functional plug Functional plug
Functional plug
Smart home app Smart home app
Smart home app

Internet-capable household appliances provide extra comfort and safety. They can be conveniently controlled via an app on a tablet or smartphone. While out shopping, end customers can check via a camera what they still have in the fridge, or switch on the oven so that a meal is ready when they get home - these are just two examples of the possibilities.

As a longstanding partner of white goods manufacturers, we know exactly what they require. DCS provides all components the appliance industry needs to set up its own network platforms. Depending on their requirements, the manufacturers themselves determine the precise extent of the functions they implement.

Intelligent energy management doesn’t only increase living comfort, it also saves energy and money. Our smart-home system connects up all energy sources, storage devices, and consumers in the house. This makes it possible to switch on the heat pump or charge electric heaters when a large volume of electricity from photovoltaic generation is available. What’s more, flexible battery storage systems balance out overcapacities.

We configure energy management platforms according to the wishes of each customer. Plug-and-play functionality means they can easily integrate products and components from other manufacturers. Open radio standards such as EnOcean and Z-Wave enable wireless operation.

Construction machinery, co-generation units, machines for textile processing or commercial cooling - any failure of these plants always leads to losses, even when the necessary repairs are performed as quickly as possible.

But what if you could intervene before the worst happens? That’s exactly what connecting decentral systems to the IoT can achieve. Remote analysis of the logged data flags up potential problems at an early stage and makes recommendations, e.g. to replace individual components. By applying predictive maintenance, companies can get ahead of their competitors.