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E-Solutions meets Electromobility

Dynamic ways of keeping people moving in harmony with the environment is one of the most important topics of the future. Technical developments provide promising innovative approaches that focus away from the usual passenger and freight traffic on diversified concepts and thus revolutionize it sustainably. These include, for example, concepts from the fields of e-bikes, e-scooters and e-cargo.

However, e-solutions not only include innovative mobility concepts, but also intelligent solutions that functionally simplify life. The cognitive technologies market field is mainly dedicated to artificial intelligence, which is used to develop robots and thus improve the interaction between man and machine. New approaches in the field of infrastructure for drone logistics, autonomous tractors and harvesting machines in the agricultural sector or even exoskeletons that help humans to make processes more efficient are the focus of attention.

Reliable. Powerful. Flexible.

Topics around E-Solutions will strongly shape our society in the future. In these market fields, we are not only specialized in innovative manufacturing concepts, but also inprecisely engineered, highly sophisticated technological solutions. With our integrated supply chain for customized solutions, we will play a decisive role in shaping the future of tomorrow and thus provide a strong driving force. Our portfolio includes components for parts such as battery cell holders, charge and drive units, which we develop and produce according to customer-specific requirements. With the help of our comprehensive technology portfolio in stamping, press-fit and plating as well as in overmolding & assembling, we offer customized solutions: from the development of in-house prototypes to the start of series production.

Yet sustainable mobility begins already with the production of the individual components. As a supplier we are aware of our responsibility to integrate sustainable aspects even in our production processes. For example, the contacts of our battery cell holders are pressed directly into the circuit board, which is a far more environmentally friendly technology than soldering. And our production steps are also automated, which is significantly more energy efficient.

We pool expertise for joint success

Are you seeking a professional partner for products and technologies that are geared to the requirements of future generations? Within our group of companies, we bring together a multitude of technologies and can supply a complete package along the entire value chain upon request.

You profit from our specialized, precisely aligned product development and our excellent product design. Additionally, we are also able to cover various volume scenarios in a cost-efficient way, offering a high degree of flexibility with regard to capacity expansions and volume fluctuations. Our teams have professional expertise and produce technologically sophisticated solutions for you.

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