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Topics around E-Solutions will characterize our corporate structure in the future. With our own developed metal-plastic composite systems, we will play a decisive role in shaping the future of tomorrow and thus provide a strong driving force.

E-Solutions E-Solutions

E-Solutions meets Electromobility

Dynamic mobility in harmony with the environment is one of the most important issues of the future. In this context, technical developments provide promising innovative approaches that shift the focus away from the usual passenger and freight transport to diversified concepts and thus revolutionise it in a sustainable way. These include, for example, concepts from the areas of e-bikes and Two-Wheeler.

However, E-Solutions not only includes innovative mobility concepts, but also intelligent solutions that functionally simplify life.

Our battery systems are used, for example, in commercial robotic mowers and electric hedge trimmers to automate landscape maintenance while reducing environmental impact. We focus on smart technologies that are both powerful and environmentally friendly. Our commitment to sustainability is also evident in our B2B home and garden products, where we use environmentally friendly materials and innovative recycling processes to promote the circular economy.

In the area of power tools, we also focus on innovative concepts that have a lasting impact on the world of work. By integrating modern technologies and intelligent solutions into our Power Tools, we offer our customers powerful and efficient tools for their demanding applications. The combination of high performance, user-friendliness and environmental compatibility makes our power tools indispensable companions in various industries and crafts. With a focus on sustainability and durable products, we want to make our contribution to an environmentally conscious future.

Reliable. Powerful. Flexible.

Topics related to e-solutions will shape our corporate form in the future. As a company, we have not only specialised in promising manufacturing concepts, but also place a special focus on the development of customised solutions with a high technological standard in order to specifically address the needs and requirements of our customers. With our integrated value creation, we decisively shape the future of tomorrow and provide a strong drive in these dynamic market fields.

Our portfolio not only includes components for parts such as battery cell holders and drive units, but we are also able to develop and manufacture the entire system. In doing so, we rely on a comprehensive technology portfolio and develop customised solutions, starting with the design of our own prototypes through to series production.

Sustainable mobility is particularly close to our hearts and already begins with the production of our individual components. As a responsible company, we integrate sustainable aspects into our production processes in a targeted manner. One example of this is the environmentally friendly technology in which the contacts of our battery cell holders are pressed directly into the circuit board instead of soldering. In addition, we rely on automated production steps that are significantly more energy-efficient. In this way, we actively contribute to protecting the environment and stand for innovative solutions in the field of e-solutions. With our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, we go one step further and actively work for a responsible and resource-saving future. As a company in the e-solutions industry, we are proud to make our contribution to a sustainable and environmentally conscious society and to comply with the EU directives for circular economy.

We pool expertise for joint success

Are you looking for a competent partner for products and technology that are tailored to the requirements of future generations? Within our group of companies, we bundle a variety of technologies and deliver a complete package across the entire value chain at your request.

You benefit from our specific and precisely tailored product development and our excellent product design. We are also able to cover different quantity scenarios economically. At the same time, we are flexible in the face of capacity expansions and fluctuations in unit numbers. Our teams have the highest technical expertise and produce technologically sophisticated solutions for you.

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