Industries & Markets

We offer individual solution concepts and thereby fulfil the diverse requirements of various industries. Customers from all over the world place their trust in us as a competent development partner and rely on our sophisticated products and technologies. Some selected examples illustrate the broad scope of our technological expertise.  

Automotive Automotive

We bring metal into motion.

On the one hand, future mobility will be driven by innovations in the area of alternative drives; on the other, the topic of digitalization will play a significant role. New progress in the areas of transmission, engine and battery will also influence the supplier industry. Here, Diehl Metall is investing in new technologies in order to support this progress together with our customers and partners. After all, the development of high-performance, innovative solutions for the automotive industry is among the core competencies of Diehl Metall. 

Heating & Sanitation Heating & Sanitation

Modern sanitation installations thanks to new materials

When it comes to drinking water installations, one of the most important considerations is the selection of appropriate materials. The material solutions from Diehl Metall are highly suitable for the heating and sanitation industry, as they fulfil the stringent requirements with respect to safety, corrosion-resistance, hygiene and mechanical properties. 

With our CUPHIN brand, for instance, we offer an innovative copper material which is free from lead and other potentially harmful substances.  

Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering

Efficiency increases for the technologies of tomorrow

Energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, low costs and high flexibility are among the challenges facing the electronics industry. Diehl Metall sees itself as an international partner to electronic component manufacturers and produces application-specific, current-carrying solutions which fulfil these requirements. 

At the same time, increasing digitalization is also leading to the generation of new innovation and technology fields in the electrical industry that offer great potential for future developments. 

Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering

 Exploiting future prospects in industry

Against the backdrop of Industry 4.0, mechanical and plant engineering are at the heart of developments for implementing modern manufacturing concepts. Products and technologies from Diehl Metall provide the necessary reliability in numerous industrial applications thanks to their high strength and durability. 

Particularly for parts subject to high mechanical stresses we offer innovative alloys that ensure a high degree of efficiency in the subsequent products. Our individual solutions are used, for instance, in centrifuges, sliding shoes or planet gears.