Sweden: a new framework agreement signed with Sinfra

Diehl Metering
Sweden: a new framework agreement signed with SinfraSweden: a new framework agreement signed with Sinfra

Diehl Metering’s smart water meters have been given the seal of approval by Sinfra, the Swedish central purchasing body for utilities, strengthening our foothold in the Swedish market. The latest framework agreement means that Sinfra now includes Diehl Metering’s products for the water segment on its list of approved products. This follows a milestone framework agreement for our thermal metering products in 2019.

Sinfra unites over 190 members from the district heating, water and electricity sectors – which represent 80% of Swedish utilities. It is committed to selecting the best possible technology as well as sustainable products and services from a technical, environmental and financial perspective.

The new agreement signed on October 2 means that Sinfra adds Diehl Metering’s water products to its listing, reaffirming its trust in our high standards of quality and reliability. As a result, Swedish water utilities now have the possibility of choosing our products to enhance their networks. Moreover, this agreement consolidates our presence on the market and gives us the opportunity to bring our expertise to Swedish utilities.