Customer Services Customer Services

Diehl Aviation operates Customer Support Centers in the three major global regions and Spares Stocks in Middle East. These Centers do much more than simply providing spares and spare parts on demand or carrying out repair work promptly, and in OEM quality.

As a partner of the aviation industry, Diehl Aviation is always at the customer´s side, with the whole range of technical support and services. In addition to standards like on-time spares, fault analyses, repair and maintenance, technical documentation and comprehensive advice – including on-site – from major components of the service program. Customized training courses for maintenance staff and ongoing exchange regarding product behavior furthermore support the safe and efficient use of all products.  

  • Customized Services

    Customized Services Customized Services

    If you need dedicated services tailored to your particular needs, hub structure, or aircraft configuration, we are happy to offer you a solution.

  • Technical Publications

    Technical Publications Technical Publications

    Technical Publications are the airworthy fundament of every maintenance action. We generate them during product development and keep them updated throughout the product´s life. Our customers have 24/7 online access through our TechPubs-Download-Center.

  • Flight Hour Services

    Flight Hour Services Flight Hour Services

    For our customer´s peace of mind, we offer spare pool and repair services based on flat rates per flight hour for avionics products.

  • Cabin Walks

    Cabin Walks Cabin Walks

    We partner our customers to check on our product´s status in the cabin prior to aircraft checks, or whenever needed, to ease maintenance demands for our customers.

  • Repairs

    Repairs Repairs

    With the know-how generated during development and production, our repair centers are the best in their class for avionics and lighting repairs. We are also in the process of starting to provide cabin repairs.

  • Spares

    Spares Spares

    Prior to Entry Into Service and during aircraft operation, we promptly provide quality spares according to the customer´s needs.

  • Warranty Handling

    Warranty Handling Warranty Handling

    Our Customer Support Centers are also a one-stop-shop during the warranty phase, taking care of all warranty-related services.

  • Training

    Training Training

    In order to acquaint our customers with our system´s and product´s operation or to enable their maintenance, we provide appropriate training.

  • AOG Support

    AOG Support AOG Support

    Our AOG Services and available through a worldwide network of AOG pools, partially operated by OEM Services, a services company that has Diehl Aerospace as one of its four shareholders. We are here to support our customer´s operations in every eventuality.

  • Technical Hotline

    Technical Hotline Technical Hotline

    Whenever you need our technical support, we are here for you 24/7/365, so that together we can keep your aircraft flying.


Global Network

In every world region, Diehl Aviation provides one-stop-shops for our customers for their the entire range of our products and services. Due to its centralized control, this global network is able to provide a one-face-to-the-customer policy in every region, offering complete support solutions for all Diehl products. In addition, this also enables a worldwide one-voice-to-the-customer attitude, providing the same customer-oriented behavior, processes, and first class services wherever our customers may fly.

OEM-Quality Everywhere

All the products and services that our regional Customer Support Centers bring to their markets and their customers come direct from the OEMs in Germany. Thanks to a long-standing tradition of aviation, know-how, and dedication, we are able to feed all regions with our central, home-site capabilities while simultaneously enabling our Customer Support Centers to achieve unparalleled excellence in all their activities. And in return, our home sites receive valuable information on ways in which we can improve our products and services to better meet market demand.

Worldwide Synergy

Based on a global IT network and centralized OEM home-site support, our regional Customer Support Centers (CSC) work in complete synergy. This seamless network enables cross-CSC support, whenever required, for the benefit of our customers and as well as state-of-the-art spares and product support engineering services from the home sites. These are the places where our innovations and support policies are generated, our products are developed, engineered, and manufactured, and any necessary improvements are introduced.

  • The customer portal is available for all divisions of Diehl Aviation.