Innovations for the future of flight

Innovations for the future of flight Innovations for the future of flight
Diehl Aviation

Tens of thousands of visitors expected at the 54th “Paris Air Show” (PAS) in Le Bourget. Starting on June 19, everything will be about innovative solutions for future air traffic. Diehl Aviation will showcase its product highlights on-site. Latest solutions and innovations for avionics and cabin will be the focus.

Once again, this year's Paris Air Show will bring together all major players in the international aviation industry – more than 2,400 exhibitors from almost 50 nations are expected to attend the event. Diehl Aviation, one of the leading aviation suppliers, will introduce its latest solutions and innovations at the Diehl booth in hall 2C.

Advanced Air Mobility

In the future, aircraft will also be powered electrically and noticeably change our mobility. One of the most important topics for Diehl Aviation at the Paris Air Show are air taxis (eVTOL) and comparable vehicles. Diehl will show visitors its eVTOL portfolio: Next to applications such as flight control, this also includes a complete sidewall for air taxis - extremely lightweight, safe, and designed to the highest design standards.

High systems competence

In addition to solutions for more eco-efficient flight, Diehl Aviation will demonstrate its high system competencies at the PAS. These include not only the cabin segment but also avionics in particular. A modular computing platform enables flexible and scalable multiple uses of computing modules for different systems and functions and also ensures their communication with each other. The system saves space, weight, and costs. State-of-the-art avionics platform solutions establish the standard in the civil and military sectors – for example, in the FCAS program.

New oxygen generator

The universal oxygen generator (UO₂G), recently launched by Diehl Aviation, is another innovation on display. The UO₂G is an oxygen generator that can be installed and retrofitted in all aircraft of the Airbus A320 family and also in the Boeing 737 series.

Maximum flexibility

Diehl will also demonstrate a smaller module of the AUTOFLUG MULTIBASE system for military transport aircraft developed by AUTOFLUG in Le Bourget. The system has been complemented by special cabin solutions from Diehl Aviation, in particular, by adding a crew rest compartment. The soundproof compartment makes it possible to rotate the cockpit crew. This massively extends the range of military transport aircraft. If needed, the MULTIBASE system can also be extended by a galley or a toilet assembly unit from Diehl Aviation providing maximum flexibility for different missions.

Working at Diehl Aviation

If you want to find out more about the many entry options and opportunities at Diehl Aviation, the exhibition booth will give you an idea of our company as a future employer. All visitors are very welcome!! Diehl Aviation's human resources experts will be available to answer any questions from interested candidates during the entire exhibition period.

Diehl Aviation will present its innovations together with its affiliate Diehl Defence as part of the BDLI - German Pavilion, Hall 2C, Booth B317-B355.

About Diehl Aviation

Diehl Aviation is a corporate division of Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG and combines all aviation activities of Diehl Group under one roof. In the aviation industry, Diehl Aviation – including Diehl Aerospace (a joint venture with Thales) is a leading system supplier of aircraft system and cabin solutions. Diehl Aviation currently has more than 4,400 employees. Its customers include leading aircraft manufacturers Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, military partners, manufacturers of eVTOL aircraft as well as airlines and operators of commercial and business aircraft worldwide.