Diehl Aviation’s ECO Sidewall Wins Crystal Cabin Award

Diehl Aviation is excited to announce that its innovative ECO Sidewall has won the prestigious Crystal Cabin Award, specifically in the "Sustainable Cabin" category. This award recognizes notable innovation and technological advancement in the aviation industry that prioritizes sustainability and environmental stewardship.

 Diehl Aviation’s ECO Sidewall Wins Crystal Cabin Award  Diehl Aviation’s ECO Sidewall Wins Crystal Cabin Award
Diehl Aviation

Diehl Aviation's ECO Sidewall sets a new standard in sustainable aviation. As the first of its kind, the ECO Sidewall incorporates breakthrough technologies, paving the way for a new generation of eco-conscious cabin designs. Demonstrating its commitment to sustainability, Diehl Aviation has achieved an impressive 10% weight reduction compared to existing sidewall technologies by using lightweight materials and innovative design. This not only reduces the carbon footprint during production by 19%, but also improves fuel efficiency, resulting in a 10% reduction in CO2 emissions during operation.

Positioned as the most eco-efficient and innovative sidewall concept available, the ECO Sidewall serves as a cornerstone for applying emerging technologies to other aviation products, helping to bring about a new era of sustainable cabin designs. By establishing a sustainable cabin platform, Diehl Aviation enables the creation of customized solutions that help customers achieve their unique sustainability goals.

"We are incredibly proud that our ECO Sidewall has been recognized with the Crystal Cabin Award," said Joerg Schuler, CEO of Diehl Aviation. "This achievement underscores our continued commitment to sustainability and innovation and demonstrates our ability to advance the aviation industry with eco-efficient solutions."

The new ECO Sidewall  meets the stringent mechanical, weight, and fire requirements of the aviation industry through innovative materials and intelligent, load-optimized design: Instead of glass fibers, the ECO Sidewall uses basaltic prepregs and a Kevlar® honeycomb core, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of production. With lightweight powder coating and a bio-based prepreg resin, the ECO Sidewall sets new standards for sustainable cabin designs while also reducing fuel consumption during service. Furthermore, the ECO Sidewall incorporates 9 % bio-based materials to reduce the amount of fossil resources required. Innovative manufacturing processes cut prepreg waste by 33%, minimizing wasted material.

The ECO Sidewall offers significant benefits to operators, including reduced fuel consumption due to its lightweight design, future reductions in required CO2 certificates, a favorable cost-benefit ratio, an enhanced environmental image for airlines, seamless integration with existing cabin interiors and industrial designs, and the option to include an ECO symbol on the décor to highlight the cabin's sustainability.


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