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Diehl Aviation receives Innovation Award of German Aviation

Diehl Aviation receives Innovation Award of German Aviation Diehl Aviation receives Innovation Award of German Aviation
Diehl Aviation

A panel of experts led by Prof. Rolf Henke, Member of the Board of Aerospace Research and Technology (DLR), awarded Skypax the Innovation Award of German Aviation.

June 6, 2019 saw the fourth presentation of the Innovation Award of German Aviation. This year, the competing categories were "Flying outside the box", "Reduction of emissions", "Smart Factory", and "Cross Innovation".

The BDLI, BDL, Bitkom, and the P3 Group – with the support of DLR and the Center for Applied Aeronautical Research – all sponsored this year's award.

Following on from receiving the German Innovation Award in the category of "Excellence in Business to Business – Aviation & Maritime Technologies" on May 29, 2019, Skypax was recognized once again with the Innovation Award of German Aviation. As an international supplier of aircraft system and cabin solutions, the Skypax solution convinced the jury and was awarded the German Aviation Innovation Prize in the category "Reduction of emissions".

Diehl Aviation and Lufthansa Technik worked together to develop a solution that both improves the passenger experience and alleviates the crews’ workload. Lufthansa Technik’s integrated “Indirect View” camera system makes costly and complicated cabin crew seats redundant. Furthermore, the increased space and reduced weight facilitated by this solution have a positive effect on the environment, saving more than 500 tons of kerosene and about 1,500 tons of CO2 per year.

"Skypax is the lightest module in its class thanks to innovative joining techniques, enabling better utilization of available space, and considerations such as reduced weight ultimately contribute to a lower environmental impact," says Holger Hafner (Senior Vice President Retrofit).

The Innovation Award of German Aviation recognizes innovations that reduce emissions – such as noise, CO2, and air pollutants – along the entire value-added chain and bring the aviation industry closer to the goal of “zero emissions”. This award highlighted in particular the innovative strength of Diehl Aviation; a strength that will continue to make the experience of flying more comfortable for passengers and more efficient for airlines in the future.

Diehl Aviation is a Division of the Diehl Foundation & Co. KG, and unites all of the aerospace activities of the Diehl Group under one roof. Within the aerospace industry, Diehl Aviation and Diehl Aerospace (a Joint Venture with Thales) are leading systems suppliers for aircraft systems and cabin solutions. Currently, Diehl Aviation employs approximately 6,000 people. The company's customers include the leading aircraft manufacturers Airbus (both aircraft and helicopters), Boeing, Bombardier, and Embraer as well as airlines and operators of commercial and corporate jets.

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