Diehl Aviation Chooses Axinom On-Board Cloud to Bring the Next Generation of IoT and Digital Services On-Board Aircraft

Axinom and Diehl Aviation collaborate to open up the next generation of digital cabin services for commercial, business, and eVTOL aircraft.

Diehl Aviation Chooses Axinom On-Board Cloud to Bring the Next Generation of IoT and Digital Services On-Board Aircraft Diehl Aviation Chooses Axinom On-Board Cloud to Bring the Next Generation of IoT and Digital Services On-Board Aircraft
Diehl Aviation

Diehl Aerospace, a joint venture between Diehl Aviation and Thales, and a leading supplier of avionics and cabin systems, collaborates with Axinom, a state-of-the-art software solutions provider for the aerospace industry. Focus of the collaboration is Diehl’s ground-breaking cabin management system CANSAS (Cabin Area Network Systems and Services) using Axinom On-Board Cloud.

Axinom On-Board Cloud is a robust and standardized software infrastructure that centralizes the management and deployment of any digital service on aircraft. It consists of on-ground and on-board components and leverages Axinom Sync to facilitate bi-directional data synchronization. The combined offering unlocks countless passenger and cabin use cases, including wireless sensors, smart passenger service units, portable electronic device integration, galley and lavatory controls, or other cabin functions, including the integration of third-party applications. The isolated deployment and strict control of User-Modifiable Software (UMS) services eliminate certification hurdles and enable fast time to market. Axinom On-Board Cloud offers a future-proof foundation with the flexibility to bring in more use cases over time without re-certification.

“The CANSAS cabin management platform provides an unprecedented level of modularity and flexibility with a control panel for all aircraft functions related to the cabin,” says Marc Renz, Head of Sales & Business Development Cabin Systems at Diehl Aerospace. “We wanted to achieve a strong base that is reliable and hassle-free when integrating functionalities for the cabin, and we found Axinom with its On-Board Cloud to be the perfect partner.”

“Axinom On-Board Cloud offers a unified solution to manage digital services on-ground, and offers granular control over service deployment and orchestration on-board. By leveraging the open infrastructure of Axinom On-Board Cloud, Diehl can streamline the deployment of novel cabin use cases.” says Ralph Wagner, Chief Executive Officer at Axinom.

About Diehl Aviation

Diehl Aviation is a corporate division of Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG and combines all aviation activities of Diehl Group under one roof. In the aviation industry, Diehl Aviation - including Diehl Aerospace (a joint venture with Thales) - is a leading system supplier of aircraft systems and cabin solutions. Diehl Aviation currently has more than 4,400 employees. Its clients include leading aircraft manufacturers Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, military partners, manufacturers of eVTOL aircraft as well as airlines and operators of commercial and business aircraft worldwide.

About Axinom

Axinom is a leading provider of software products that cater to both on-ground and on-board data requirements of the aerospace industry. With over two decades of experience, Axinom's unique product portfolio enables connected airplanes to become more agile and smarter by bringing the power of the cloud on-board.

The products on offer range from content processing, management, and protection, on-ground service management, data synchronization, and delivery to on-board deployment. The inherent flexibility and standard architecture of our products makes them applicable in varied use-cases and environments, including smart solutions for digital cabins, on-board connectivity, entertainment, content protection, fleet management, distribution, and much more.

Founded in 2001 in Fuerth, Germany, Axinom employs over 100 personnel with offices located in Europe, Asia, and North America.