Product Highlights


  • Cabin Highlights

    Cabin Highlights Cabin Highlights

    IMAGINE – you inspire, we create! Diehl Aviation develops, manufactures, and markets new digital solutions and services for aircraft cabins turning today’s visions of its customer into reality. We understand the greatest challenges of an intelligent cabin layout and direct our research and development activities to find the answers. Mechanical Lift Systems, Touchless Lavatory Features, Enlarged Overhead Bins, Universal Oxygen Generator - these are just a couple of our product highlights that allow you to optimize not only technological performance but also the flight experience for passengers.  Our innovative technology and intelligent cabin solutions provide for flexibility and quick delivery, saving maintenance costs and opening doors for the new revenue opportunities.

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  • Eco Efficiency

    Eco Efficiency Eco Efficiency

    Our lives, our society, and nature all undergo constant change and a continuous process of improvement and adaptation. Apart from safety, lightweight construction is a governing principle in all our product lines and innovations and, as such, is a unique feature of sustainable technology that offers added value by saving energy and fuel. Our environmental efficiency can also be seen in waste and emissions reduction in manufacturing processes, in the choice of suppliers and business partners, as well as in the integration of renewable energy and is an inherent part of our corporate identity. 

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    As a pioneer of innovative aircraft cabin interiors and active electronic controls – avionics, we possess the know-how and production expertise that the future age of manned and unmanned urban air mobility travel is looking for. The special technical challenges of battery-powered aircraft lie to a large extent in the balance of weight and performance in every part. This is exactly where our engineering excels. We combine lightweight construction with redundant safety to create quality integrated systems and ensure that passenger comfort and entertainment provide a pleasant flight experience. 

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