Sustainabilty Sustainabilty

We are responsible for our earth and its protection. Conscientiously using our resources and protecting our climate set the course for the future of all of us. Ultimately, we see values such as sustainability and fairness as an opportunity for future generations. For Diehl Aviation, this means responsibly balancing ecological, social, and business aspects and including them into our daily decisions.

Our commitment already shows today in the sustainably aligned cooperation with our business partners and suppliers. Every day, we contribue with innovative solutions for climate-neutral aviation.


Apart from safety, lightweight construction is a governing principle in all our product lines and innovations and, as such, is a unique feature of sustainable technology that offers added value by saving energy and fuel. Our environmental efficiency can also be seen in waste and emissions reduction in manufacturing processes, in the choice of suppliers and business partners, as well as in the integration of renewable energy.



Future lavatories on board aircraft will be able to substantially reduce the consumption of fresh water and the emission of CO₂. The ECO Grey Water Reuse System takes part of the water used by passengers to wash their hands and uses it to flush the toilette.

The ECO Grey Water Reuse System saves up to 250 liters of potable water per flight. When integrating the ECO Grey Water Reuse System, the operating take-off weight of an aircraft can be reduced by 220 kg. With the reduced operating weight of 220 kg, we can estimate a fuel saving of 28 tons per aircraft per year. This fuel saving can be converted into a CO₂ emission saving of 90 tons per aircraft and per year.*

Diehl Aviation`s innovative Design stands for clean and future-proof solutions for the lavatory and was only possible by integrally taking all the challenges of hygiene technology into consideration. The entire system, which is just under 4 kg in weight and very robust, is safe regarding bacteria, odorless, and above all poses no risks to passengers or crew.

* estimated for a state-of-the-art aircraft, e.g. Boeing 787, operating on long range missions, e.g. London-Los Angeles, with average operating hours of 4.100 h per year


The functionality of the new ECO 16G Partition stays the same, but its weight has been reduced by another 10 to 15% and its installation and integration in Airbus A320 aircraft improved. Through its monolithic design and rolled aluminum inlay, the partition´s ability to withstand loads has also been improved once again. Quick and easy replacement of the integrated double doors is guaranteed by a construction that incorporates highly precise grooves. The partition can be installed in all known positions in the cabin and offers great flexibility in configuring optional items. It is Diehl Aviation´s goal, with all products and services, to always provide its customers best performance and sustainablity.

The Corporate Governance Codex and compliance guidelines have already shown their positive, sustainable impact on all business processes. That is why Diehl Aviation is convinced that economy, environmental concerns, and a society in harmony not only belong together but, in their interdependence, form the foundation for a cultivated and desirable future.


As the market leader in air distribution in aircraft cabins we are constantly expanding our product portfolio. The combination of innovative materials and a special joining method developed by Diehl Aviation guarantees a new level of efficiency and weight reduction and knows no equal on the current market. Our ECO Particle Foam Air Outlets made of granulated foam plastic and air ducts made of thermoplastics offer many benefits in lightweight construction and in manufacturing processes. As soon as all testing for this new and automated technology has been completed, our customers will be able to profit from its benefits. Both technologies not only make faster customization processes, lower cost, and weight reduction possible, they are above all ecologically efficient.


ECO Powder Coating offers an eco-efficient, lightweight decor solution. The unicolored application of powder coat provides highly durable cabin surfaces and enables the realization of future digital printing options. A neutral cabin is the perfect match for multiple light scenarios and fast changes of brand settings for an airline or leasing company.