IZAR@HOME: putting sustainability in the hands of consumers

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IZAR@HOME: putting sustainability in the hands of consumers IZAR@HOME: putting sustainability in the hands of consumers

Today, consumer expectations are driving utilities to be ever more ecological and less wasteful. And now a global pandemic has pushed sustainability even further up the agenda. In the light of recent experiences, there is a common realisation that we must all make more effort to be respectful of the planet, to save its previous resources, and to ensure a better future for everyone.

As a utility, you can monitor and optimise your network to use water and energy more efficiently. But what if you could also enable consumers to monitor and optimise their own consumption? You’d enable them to make their own contribution to sustainability while also reducing their billing costs and driving satisfaction. And that exactly what Diehl Metering offers with IZAR@HOME.

Data-driven sustainability

IZAR@HOME is a smartphone app that enables consumers to consult a wide range of metrics about their water and energy consumption. It gives them the information they need to change their habits and make better choices for the planet and for their pockets.

The solution relies on IZAR radio technology and smart meters to collect data about your network. Using IZAR data management software, you can exploit this wealth of data to boost the efficiency of your network and reduce wastage – which is a significant step to becoming more sustainable. The next step? Share the most relevant data with consumers – and you’ll empower them to drive sustainability in individual households, making the whole system more efficient and more ecological.

Better informed for better habits

IZAR@HOME comes with a range of features that enable consumers to understand their consumption habits and billing information.

  • Empower consumers to save natural resources: consumers can consult their household consumption over time, compare their efficiency with peer groups, and view consumption forecasts. They can even measure their Delta-T and view readings from different meters. Simple graphs and consumption targets help them understand the data and adapt their behaviour to make a real contribution to energy and water savings.
  • Drive satisfaction through lower bills: IZAR@HOME gives consumers access to all their current and previous bills. It also makes it easier to understand the link between consumption habits and costs, enabling them to reduce their bills by changing their habits. For you, that means higher customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce water loss in your network: the app can be used to send out an alert when a potential leak is detected, allowing consumers to react quickly and avoid potential damage to their homes. A fast response time will also reduce water loss in your network and further boost sustainability.

A tool for the times

With IZAR@HOME, you empower consumers to modify their consumption habits, save energy and water, and reduce costs. The app answers consumers’ desire for more digitisation, more control and greater sustainability. And it does all this without any need for extra work on your part, because consumers are empowered to manage themselves.

Few tools are so aligned with the trends and needs of today – especially at a time when normal life has been turned upside down, and there is a realisation that we all need to be more respectful of nature if we want to preserve the planet’s resources for future generations.

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