Individual modules offer more flexibility in operation

The AUTOFLUG MULTIBASE system is extended through special cabin solutions from Diehl Aviation. This means that customers benefit from a significantly expanded range of applications.

Individual modules offer more flexibility in operation Individual modules offer more flexibility in operation
Diehl Aviation

The AUTOFLUG MULTIBASE system is extended through special cabin solutions from Diehl Aviation. This means that customers benefit from a significantly expanded range of applications.

AUTOFLUG and Diehl Aviation are joining forces to provide solutions for equipping transport aircraft to meet mission requirements. To this end, representatives of both companies have signed a cooperation agreement. The MULTIBASE modular pallet system from AUTOFLUG serves as the basis. Using the system, transport aircraft can be individually equipped and converted for the respective mission in the shortest possible time.

Diehl Aviation is complementing the existing broad range of AUTOFLUG equipment with further essential components, allowing for a much greater variation in use. Drawing on its decades of experience in equipping passenger cabins with various modules, the company has developed its own solutions that are compatible with the MULTIBASE concept. Such modules contribute, for instance, to significantly increasing operational mobility and the possible mission duration.

A crew rest compartment specially developed by Diehl for use on the AUTOFLUG MULTIBASE allows the cockpit crew to be changed during the flight, thereby considerably extending the flight time. The sleeping compartment is soundproofed and makes it possible for a crew to take rest periods during a long-haul flight. Up to four crew members can sleep comfortably in the compartment. There is also plenty of privacy and storage space for personal belongings. Ambient lighting and individual connection options for personal equipment provide for a comfortable stay.

Yet another module from Diehl's cabin specialists comprises a complete galley positioned on an AUTOFLUG MULTIBASE. The galley itself can be pre-configured depending on the mission. This is achieved through the individual combination of different modules for the transport and preparation of food as well as modules featuring an integrated water connection and sink. Such combinations can be assembled as required and can be installed in the aircraft in a matter of minutes.

Diehl also offers a solution for a toilet module based on the AUTOFLUG MULTIBASE. This makes it possible to install up to four complete on-board toilets in the cargo hold at short notice. The developers at Diehl have succeeded in making it possible to operate the individual modules without connecting them to the on-board network. A tank system consisting of fresh and waste water, each of which is exchanged at ground level, makes this possible.

Another advantage: The various modules with galley and on-board toilets can also be combined with MULTIBASE pallets equipped with additional seats. As a result, a more comfortable passenger transport is made possible, even with a military transport aircraft.

Existing AUTOFLUG MULTIBASE equipment ranges from comprehensive solutions for the Air MedEvac area to briefing stations for in-flight briefings on mission-relevant details. Thanks to the additional modules from Diehl Aviation, the flexibility of the entire system is significantly extended and the customer has an even wider range of applications at their disposal.

“The achievable benefits for the user of the pallet solution due to the Diehl Aviation cabin solutions are quite simply huge,” explains Martin Kroell, Managing Partner at AUTOFLUG. “For many users, allowing a crew of four to take a sleep break on a transportation aircraft during a flight is a breakthrough achievement,” continues Kroell.

“We see great potential for our joint customers in the idea of expanding the operational spectrum of transport aircraft through modular outfitting and conversion,” Josef Köcher, CEO of Diehl Aviation, concludes. “AUTOFLUG’s innovative MULTIBASE system, in combination with our cabin solutions, allows for flexibility that has not previously been possible.”

AUTOFLUG and Diehl Aviation will showcase an exhibit during the Dubai Airshow, which will take place from 14 to 18 November 2021, highlighting the versatility of their joint solutions. The exhibit will be showcased at the Diehl Aviation booth #849.


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