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Diehl Aviation presents Skypax at the "German Aerospace Day" in Potsdam

Diehl Aviation

Aviation supplier takes part in the exhibition program and showcases its solution for flying with less emissions from a supplier's point of view.

Diehl Aviation is tackling the challenge of reducing emissions caused by flying. In Potsdam, the company presents – among others – its Skypax product. The cabin monument is a solution for the optimal use of space by means of a combined arrangement of galley and toilet in the tail of an aircraft. The module was developed in cooperation with Lufthansa Technik. The clever arrangement of this cabin monument frees up more space for additional passenger seats in the aircraft. In addition, the reduced weight has a positive effect on kerosene consumption.

"Innovations for low-emission aviation" is the leading theme at the 14th German Aerospace Day (14. Tag der Deutschen Luft- und Raumfahrtregionen). With Skypax, Diel Aviation is making an award-winning contribution: At the beginning of June, the concept was awarded the German Aviation Innovation Prize in the "Emission Reduction" category. Diehl Aviation not only participates in the exhibition, but is also a sponsor.

Together with Berlin-Brandenburg Aerospace Allianz e.V., Bundesverband der Deutschen Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie (BDLI) and the associations combined in the BDLI Regional Forum are organizing the 14th German Aerospace Day. Co-organizer is the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. The event is under the patronage of Thomas Jarzombek (MdB), the Federal Government’s German Aerospace Coordinator, and will take place on September 10th, at the University of Potsdam.

Diehl Aviation ist ein Teilkonzern der Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG und bündelt alle Luftfahrtaktivitäten der Diehl-Gruppe unter einem Dach. In der Luftfahrtindustrie ist Diehl Aviation, wozu auch Diehl Aerospace (ein Gemeinschaftsunternehmen mit Thales) gehört, ein führender Systemlieferant für Flugzeugsystem- und Kabinenlösungen. Diehl Aviation beschäftigt derzeit rund 6.000 Mitarbeiter. Zu den Kunden zählen die führenden Flugzeughersteller Airbus (sowohl Flugzeuge als auch Helikopter), Boeing, Bombardier und Embraer sowie Fluggesellschaften und Betreiber von Verkehrs- und Geschäftsflugzeugen.

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