Smart Galley

Smart Galley Smart Galley

Modularity as innovation-driver

Compactness and aesthetics, modularity and functionality – these are the pillars supporting the "Smart Galley Concept" of Diehl Aviation. The search for ever-more intelligent, ever-more balanced interconnections between these factors permanently creates new room for innovation. Decades of consistent development experience and cross-sectoral know-how provide the basis.

The modular structure of the smart galley provides the prerequisites for astonishing flexibility, with airline operators benefitting at every stage. For example, the configuration can be adjusted in a very short time, depending on type or use of the plane. This is based on a precisely coordinated plug-and-play system that provides optimal support for a quick change of components and units. The intelligent control is configured to be able to automatically detect the relevant changes in the system.

A high degree of intelligence is also characteristic for the sophisticated energy management of smart galley solutions. Energy demands are determined exactly and distributed evenly across the available power supplies. Compactness and maximum simplicity of handling allow not only for minimum application effort, but also for training and documentation.

Visions for the future

Plug-and-play without limits: The modular concept leaves space for a wide range of other functionalities that can make the crew's working life easier. For example, the contents of trolley compartments can be transmitted via sensor systems to access material more quickly and to automatically initiate re-orders. The crew is informed at one glance about type and number of special in-flight sales offers.

The smart galley of the future keeps itself fit! Through status reports for preventive maintenance measures which not only increase availability, but also reduce overall costs.

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