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Monuments and CRC's


  • Bar Module / Green Unit

    The Green Unit is a modular and ecofriendly monument for cabins of future twin aisle / large aircraft. It is designed as a self-service unit for direct interaction with the passenger. The large variety of modules can be widely configured, e.g. as a bar or as a selling point for exclusive products. 

    CRCs / FCRC / CCRC

    • CRCs / FCRC / CCRC

      In these fully air-conditioned compartments, the pilots and the cabin crew have the opportunity to recover on long-haul flights. As a first-tier supplier we work hard on developing and producing stationary aircraft crew rest compartments boasting an array of convenient and practical features. Besides the attractive interior design, which makes the most of the limited space, the optional use of in-flight entertainment and variable lighting concepts also help to create a relaxing atmosphere. 

      Standard Lavatory

      • Short / Long Range Lavatory

        Standardized and yet totally individual: Besides the high-quality basic features, a whole host of optional extras are also available. So today's individually equipped toilets from Diehl Aviation are effectively a new interpretation of the term "standard".


        • Galleys Classic and VIP

          Years of experience and a genuine passion for innovative galley solutions are the cornerstones of our international success. The field of VIP and corporate jet galleys and interiors is the special icing on the cake of our comprehensive galley expertise. 

          Luxury Bathrooms

          • First Class Lavatory and Shower Cabins

            Passengers flying first class enjoy the comfort of two spacious bathrooms. Whether it's to take a shower, freshen up, or simply for a quick change of clothing, thanks to the elaborate new luxury area, discerning guests can be sure of reaching their destination feeling fully relaxed. 

            Noise Masking Unit

            • As a consequence of technical progress and as a contribution to environmental protection modern aircraft become more and more silent. This bears benefits but also challenges for the acoustic design of a state of the art aircraft cabin. Although turbines have been improving significantly over the past, wind and vibrations still do their adverse impacts to the acoustic atmosphere within the passenger area. An additional aspect emerging.

              In the context of quietness is the fact that the overall noise level within the cabin and crew rest compartment of modern aircraft has successfully decreased to such an extent that passengers and crew members are meanwhile annoyed by natural sounds. Talking people, rattling tableware in the galleys and the like are starting to influence well-being.

              Today, a corrective method of choice generating pleasant sound levels is the application of material, i.e. use of insulation material and/or respectively high cushioning materials. Intelligent acoustic engineering by application of innovative materials and electronic means helps to reduce weight and ultimately leads to a greener aircraft by even increasing the level of comfort. As a tier 1 supplier specializing in complete cabins and cabin monuments like crew rests, galleys and lavatories including electrical systems, Diehl Aviation supplies the so called NMU to generate well being for the crew by also saving weight. 

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