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Appliance into special operation modes

Appliance into special operation modes Appliance into special operation modes

Technischer Lösungsvorschlag A2018-025
Unternehmenseinheit: Diehl AKO Stiftung & Co. KG


Procedure to put an Appliance into special operation modes.

This Invention describes a procedure to put an appliance in special operation modes (e.g. Point of sale demo mode, fair mode, test mode, ...).

We are using a data interface and a connected storage with authentication data and demo data to enable the demo mode.

This invention solves the problem of putting an appliance into demo mode, without the risk that the customer enables this mode by accident. Further it transfers and updates demo mode data to the appliance.

Until now this problem was solved by special firmware, key combinations and the boot sequence (hold key during startup).

This idea uses a data storage device (e.g. USB pen drive, NFC device) that stores the demo relevant data (function parameters, programs, demo curves, pictures, LEDs, videos, simulated backend data), sequence data and authentication data (credentials or certificate) to trust this device und run the demo.

lt is possible to do it during runtime by connecting the token or boot the appliance with the connected token. There is also no additional-persistent storage or special demo appliance needed.

The local sales point can adjust the point of sale demo with individual offers or screens. Demos can be also adjusted simple for fairs or special types of appliances by authorized persons.

Because of non-available authentication data the customer is not able to activate the demo mode by accident, which reduces the number of service cases.

Lost or leaked certificates can be banned in the firmware to avoid misuse.

Each device offers the possibility to attach an external storage and turn it into a demo device.

The combination of providing demo data and authenticate this demo data in one device. Further no system persistent storage is needed.

We are developing a professional washer appliance. For which a functionality with a demo mode is expected to show videos, instructions or commercials on the appliance display.

We plan to use a USB pen drive to provide this data and a certificate to authenticate the pen drive as an authorized device.

If the device is booted with such a pen drive, we will enter the demo mode automatically. The authenticated demo data is taken from the attached storage device.

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