• Sustainably shaping the future together.

    Sustainably shaping the future together. Sustainably shaping the future together.

    As a family-owned company operating internationally, Diehl has always attached great importance to a sustainable and cost-efficient approach by combining tradition and innovation. The company‘s mission statement explicitly outlines: „Leading Technologies for a Safe and Sustainable Future“.

    To ensure that sustainability considerations are a critical component of all major decisi­ons, the Diehl Group‘s Group-wide Sustaina­bility Division coordinates the sustainability initiatives undertaken by the Company. This year, the Diehl Group compiled its first sustainability report, which provided a comprehensive overview of the situation based on publicly available key figures and management practices, and helped understand the material effects of our company‘s business activities. In doing so, the company has focused on the established Sustainability Reporting Standards. This broad, all-encompassing perspective will be further expanded in the next years in accordance with CSRD requirements. The first Group-wide sustainability strategy cornerstones were developed using a basic materiality analysis. These include sustaina­ble and safe production, corporate gover­nance, supply chain, as well as goods that promote sustainability and safety. This clearly demonstrates the Diehl Group‘s long-term, Group-wide ultimate objective to ensure sustainability. The company adapts its strategies accordingly so that it can continue to actively make measurable improvements to ensure greater sustainability.

    Industrial manufacturing locations are facing increased demands due to the energy transition and climate protection. Diehl will also actively participate in reducing global warming. The CO2 footprint was therefore established as the first Group-wide key issue where action is needed. Scope 2 (indirect emissions) and Scope 1 (direct emissions) reduction targets have been developed by all corporate divisions based on the mea­surement results. Diehl is investing more in resource-saving technologies and renewa­ble energy sources in order to meet these objectives. A newly established, Group-wide Energy Consulting Team will ensure the further development of the energy strate­gies. In addition to CO2 emissions, Diehl is also focusing on the use of water and waste management in order to reduce the impact on the environment and the consumption of natural resources. In the reporting year, a new wastewater treatment plant was operated for the first time all year round at the metal site in Berlin. An electrolysis station and cutting-edge process design allowed for a significant improvement in the water-inten­sive surface treatment, causing it to fall far below the thresholds set by law.

    The biggest success factor in the Group is the people. Treating employees in a trusting and fair manner is an important part of the company‘s long-standing culture. This holds true throughout the entire supply chain. The issue of human rights is prioritized in the updated Code of Conduct. Diehl has established a group-wide organization to implement the human rights strategy. We have drawn up regular or ad hoc risk analyses and trained our employees accordingly. The EcoVadis rating platform and the Supplier Code of Conduct with the Declaration of Recognition have been used throughout the Group since 2023.

    Sustainability efforts will be further deve­loped in the future. In doing so, we will make sure that our sustainability standards are up-to-date with the Company‘s business operations and that we are ready to face future challenges. This year‘s plan is to implement the double materiality analysis and use the results to develop further Group-wide sustainability priorities. We can thus bring the Company‘s operations in line with sustainability targets and promote the transition to a climate-friendly society.