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Non-Revenue water percentages around the world Non-Revenue water percentages around the world

The observation is indisputable: more than 3 billion people around the world do not have access to drinking water and, by 2025, approximately 1.8 billion people will be living in regions or countries facing a situation of absolute water scarcity. A number of different factors explain this: drying up of the water tables, mass agri-food industry, insufficient or outdated distribution infrastructures, non-treatment of wastewater, overconsumption of the resource, gratuity, etc. Consequently, the groundwater is becoming depleted more quickly than it is being resupplied. A World Bank report published in May 2016 suggests that water scarcity, exacerbated by climate change could cost certain regions up to 6% of their GDP (growth domestic product).

The major challenges of water management are a global concern: they concern every country, every continent and every sector of activity, public service, industry, and business right down to the end consumer.

Diehl Metering provides a reliable and sustainable solution with regard to water management: smart metering

The costs of water losses are estimated around 68 billion dollars per year globally (source: Liemberger’s and Wyatt’s figures on NRW 2018, Miya Arison Group). Non-revenue Water phenomenon is caused, among other things, by poor network management, leaks, inaccurate measurements and fraud. Then, Diehl Metering provides the right solution to optimise water management processes for every environment.

The meters and other measuring equipment communicate via Diehl Metering radio technologies for automated readings (AMR – automatic meter reading / AMI – advanced metering infrastructure). New technologies, such as LoRa or NB-IoT, are available for increased flexibility. Associated software, such as IZAR PLUS PORTAL (highly secure data hosting service, certified ISO 27001), provides strategic data to take decisions with regard to network maintenance and configuration.

In different regions of the world, Diehl Metering solutions have proved their worth: enhanced network performance (optimised costs), water savings (reduction of non-revenue water), optimised billing (an end to estimations), and performance reading (100% of readings carried out, billions of items of data treated). The expertise and reliability of Diehl Metering reflect and now extend to the concepts of smart city, smart industry and retail businesses.

Non-Revenue water percentages around the world

Non-Revenue water percentages around the world Non-Revenue water percentages around the world

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