Major network upgrade slashes leakage rates in Chinese city

Diehl Metering
Major network upgrade slashes leakage rates in Chinese city Major network upgrade slashes leakage rates in Chinese city

Thanks to a complete network overhaul and innovative WLM (Water Loss Management) solution, Diehl Metering has enabled the Longkou Water Supply company in China to reduce leakage rates from around 50% to just 10%.

The company supplies water to more than 30 communities near the port city of Yantai in East China. Before it started working with Diehl Metering, its distribution network relied on manual meter reading, a time-consuming practice that was also costly and prone to errors. What’s more, the network suffered pipes leakage rates that could reach as much as 50%.

In 2018, Diehl Metering’s solution transformed the existing installation into a fixed network with automated reading. That same year, we started installing smart water meters, including our bulk meters WESAN WPG and AQUILA V3. To date, we have fitted around 18,000 units, greatly enhancing meter reliability and reading accuracy.

To address the leakage problem, the customer installed our IZAR@INSIGHT DMA software on its server. This innovative data platform closely monitors the inflow and outflow of independent metering areas known as DMA, analyzing the mass of data to identify leakages. The precise location of the leak is then pinpointed using acoustic leak localization, with the utility immediately alerted so it can address the issue. By the beginning of 2019 the leakage rate of all 33 DMAs had been reduced to just 10%.

On September 20, 2020, the Diehl Metering China team met with the customer to present results and train them in using a new release of the software. The overall feedback was extremely positive, with the customers expressing their satisfaction with both the metering and leakage solutions.

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