Metering Products and Services


At Diehl Metering, we’ve built our reputation on the quality, reliability and range of our water and thermal energy meters, sensors and other metering components. You’ll find everything from mechanical to ultrasonic meters, connectivity solutions, and intuitive software. Our products use our IZAR radio system to deliver automated readings, outstanding range and enduring performance. Thanks to the Open Metering System (OMS), we also offer you seamless interoperability. In addition, our wide range of services covers meters, system and data management and analytics. You can rely on us to support you in driving greater efficiency, simplicity and sustainability across your entire network.

  • Water metering Water metering

    Water metering

    The ideal technology for every demand: ultrasonic meters, single- and multi-jet meters, Woltman bulk meters, rotary piston meters, on request also extreme nominal sizes and customized versions.

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  • Thermal Energy Metering Thermal Energy Metering

    Thermal Energy Metering

    Our communicative ultrasonic meters, self developed and produced, have proven themselves for many years in system projects all over the world, even under the harshest operating conditions.

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  • Software & System Components products

    Software & System Components products

    The latest generation of Diehl Metering IZAR radio technology stands for optimised coverage with the highest data quality. With a 100% efficiency rate, all meters within the network can be read reliably at any time and as often as is appropriate.

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  • IoT Services

    IoT Services

    Diehl Metering wants to be part of your IoT journey. Our IoT service offerings provide a helping hand and guide you through any obstacles you may face when it comes to IoT networks. From planning your specific network all the way to monitoring your infrastructure. We are constantly expanding our service offerings to meet your IoT needs. Take a deeper look on our services today and stay tuned for updates on our growing service portfolio.

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