IoT Services

Diehl Metering wants to be part of your IoT journey. Our IoT service offerings provide a helping hand and guide you through any obstacles you may face when it comes to IoT networks. From planning your specific network all the way to monitoring your infrastructure. We are constantly expanding our service offerings to meet your IoT needs. Take a deeper look on our services today and stay tuned for updates on our growing service portfolio.

The Diehl Metering IoT Service Portfolio

For cities, utilities and industrial companies, digitization has become indispensable

A well-implemented IoT network allows you to:

  • Unlock new and forward-thinking opportunities through data-driven insights and the ability to leverage connected devices
  • Improve your agility and responsiveness to customers/citizens
  • Increase your attractiveness and competitiveness
  • Discover new efficiencies to simplify your life
  • Ensure service continuity for business and society - no matter the circumstances

Further IoT Services

  • Simcard as a Service

    Simcard as a Service Simcard as a Service

    Connectivity brings you closer to your data. Our Simcard Service provides you the perfect solution for transferring data from you sensors to your systems. The service provides connectivity regardless of the network coverage of a particular mobile operator, and you don't have to worry about its data packages. Diehl Metering is even your reliable partner when it comes to coverage matters.

  • Didn’t you find the right service for you?

    Didn’t you find the right service for you? Didn’t you find the right service for you?

    Do not hesitate to contact us. We are always trying to find the right solution for your problem.

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