Enhancing our customer experience through virtual tools

Enhancing our customer experience through virtual tools Enhancing our customer experience through virtual tools
Diehl Metering

As part of our strategy to continually strengthen our digital offer, we have developed two virtual tools to enhance the customer experience. The Virtual Factory Tour and Virtual Showroom offer you remote access to Diehl Metering’s sites and products.

Virtual Factory tour

In 2021, when COVID-19 restrictions made it difficult for customers to come to our sites, we decided to develop a virtual tool to bring our sites to customers. Our Saint-Louis location in France was chosen to be the pilot, and we commissioned a dedicated 360° video agency to film all the main points of interest onsite.

Launched last summer, the Virtual Factory Tour allows visitors to freely navigate in virtual 360° mode around the factory floor and get a feel for the site from the comfort of their office or home, using a computer, tablet or phone. Additional information is displayed onscreen to highlight the main points of interest. Today, the visit is available in English, French, German and Spanish. Our next aim is to replicate the Virtual Factory Tour concept on our sites, including in Poland, Germany and China.

Customers who would like to try the tool can request a guided tour with their dedicated sales rep.

Virtual Showroom

Also in 2021, we developed a virtual showroom. This time, we wanted to give customers a chance to experience our products to compensate for the fact that most trade fairs were cancelled. We worked with the same video agency to bring the idea to life.

The concept was initially developed and piloted for the water segment team with the HYDRUS 2.0 BULK and domestic. Since then, it’s been extended to the energy segment, with SHARKY 775 and ALTAIR V4, and to System products such as IZAR RDC PREMIUM 2, IZAR RDC VEHICLE and IZAR radio modules. The virtual showroom will be available on our website in May 2022, allowing everyone to benefit from an enhanced digital experience when consulting our products.

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