Matthias Möckel

Innovative products for a sustainable future. Matthias Möckel counts on e-solutions.

Entering a new market segment with strategy

Exoskeleton or e-scooter – electronic solutions revolutionize the movement of people and loads.

"Today, movement is no longer only electrically driven but the offers steadily become more innovative and broader: Yesterday, you still had the chance to walk, to take the car or the bus. Nowadays, not only the car engine becomes electrified: There are e-bikes, e-scooter, e-cargo as well as electronic concepts for drone logistics, autonomous tractors or exosceletons," Matthias Möckel describes the future.

"As a company, we are acting in these e-solutions fields because these fields of technology will shape our society and we see great potential."

The first project is already running. "We have been nominated in the category "eBike cell mount". According to current planning, we will deliver more than one million battery packs", explains the head of market segment.

Matthias Möckel Matthias Möckel
A dynamic movement in line with the environment is one of the most considerable future topics at all.

The cell mounts for batteries fit perfectly into our portfolio: We have already been producing coated press-in contacts for the automotive industry for particularly robust electronic connections. In contrast to soldered connections, press-in contacts are especially durable and can be coated arbitrarily.

"By entering the e-solutions market segment we noticeably expand out spectrum. And in addition, we position the company in a future oriented way.

  • Topics around E-Solutions will strongly shape our society in the future. With our integrated supply chain for customized solutions, we will play a decisive role in shaping the future of tomorrow and thus provide a strong driving force.

     E-solutions at Diehl Metall