Helena Beck

Technical professions for everybody. The DAQ shows how to do it.

Entering the profession well trained

"The trial days offered by Diehl Ausbildungs- und Qualifizierungs-GmbH (Diehl training and qualification - DAQ) are a good opportunity to get an insight into my training occupation," says Helena Beck. The prospective industrial mechanic is in the second year of apprenticeship and will shortly take up her position on the plant. She already accompanied the "Girls Day" and "Girls for technology camp".

On Girls Day, we normally do practical exercises, we mill, drill or cut threads – under supervision, of course. For the first time, we also held the "Girls for technology camp" digitally," explains the apprentice. "The schoolgirls received a kit for a robot hand via mail and we assembled it together. It was great fun for everybody. At the beginning it was a little bit chaotic and we tested a lot, but if everything works in the end, it's a success." says Ms. Beck happily.

Helena Beck Helena Beck
140 apprentices start their training at Diehl every year at Diehl Ausbildungs- und Qualifizierungs-GmbH (DAQ).

The walk through the manufacturing shop was also carried out with the help of the tablet. "And in the passing, we were able to take all fears away and to answer questions concerning the training." The industrial mechanic decided in favor of the DAQ training company after having done an internship: "I was already interested in logical thinking and technology when I attended school which is why I took technical courses at the time. By means of internships, I got to know different occupations and companies. In the DAQ training workshop, an apprentice can learn way more than in a large factory building," she summarizes. "All in all, prior to exams there is more support, more assistance and an excellent learning climate. For young people, this is for sure a decisive factor."