Diehl Ausbildung

At Diehl: The Future Is In Your Hands!

We have both tradition and future within our reach.

Cindy Söllner and Matthias Tischner

At Diehl: The Future Is In Your Hands!

We have both tradition and future within our reach.

Helena Beck and Thomas Mertel

Diehl Ausbildung: A Partnership on Eye Level right from the Start

Providing young people with the base for a solid, professional future has ever since been our tradition and one of our key aims. With regards to Diehl professional Training in Germany, we thus look back on many years of experience in offering youngsters an exceptional and diverse professional training in various positions.

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What We Stand For

A Professional Training at Diehl in Germany is the ideal first step into the job life for young people. The combination of work experience and theoretical knowledge provides a solid base for a secure and competent profession. With room for growth, support from superiors, colleagues and a network of fellow trainees, we make sure to give our trainees advice at hand whenever needed, as well as a pleasant atmosphere throughout the time of training. We thus enable young people to explore and channel their interests and talents in the direction they would like to develop.

Our Training Opportunities

At Diehl, we don’t offer Professional Training “off the rack”. Our range of programs is just as smart and individual as our career starters, currently including Professional Training in various commercial and technical jobs. Positions are available at Diehl Group in Nuremberg as well as at many German sites of our Divisions Metall, Controls, Defence, Aerosystems and Metering. 

  • Diehl Ausbildung in Facts and Figures

    Diehl Ausbildung in Facts and FiguresDiehl Ausbildung in Facts and Figures
    • At Diehl, more than 500 young people are working and learning every year in more than 25 professional training occupations and over 15 different Dual Course of Study fields.
    • About 140 apprentices are starting their professional training each year. 
    • Apprentices and Dual Students are usually offered a permanent position with Diehl after their successful qualification.
    • Heinz Strobl, leader of the Business Unit Diehl Metall Messing, began his professional career as toolmaker in training with Diehl in 1984.