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A job that leaves you satisfied.

We at Diehl work on solutions for socially relevant issues every day. That is why we are looking forward to having you as a new and experienced colleague. We need your expertise and your fresh perspective so that we can continue to be successful in the long term. In return, we do a lot to ensure that you feel comfortable in your working environment from the very beginning and that you can fully apply your know-how and personal skills. In addition, we offer even more: professional challenges that allow you to accomplish so much that you go home satisfied every evening.  

I find it very fulfilling to work on expanding the aviation-related mobility that is important to everyone these days.

Karen Lienert Plant Manager Diehl Aerospace Überlingen & VP Supply Chain & Production Avionics

To make a difference, you have to start moving.

We do not only want you to come on board - we want you to stay. Gladly for a long time. After all, we value your expertise and professional experience. The closer your connection to Diehl, the greater our chances of growing in the long term. We understand that experienced colleagues like you need specific working conditions in order to be successful. It is our understanding that this includes a high degree of freedom, responsibility and scope for decision-making, as well as flat hierarchies and rapid decision-making processes. In other words, the best conditions for developing your potential and advancing your career in our international company.

Good reasons to join us. And even more reasons to stay.

You are our most important resource. That is why we offer you many other amenities and benefits in addition to an attractive salary. Depending on your location, you can expect the following benefits.


  • Extra vacation days
  • Employee events
  • Tariff compensation
  • Company pension
  • Onboarding program
  • Flexible working hours
  • Company mobile and laptop
  • Homeoffice
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  • Working where megatrends become future technologies.

    Working where megatrends become future technologies. Working where megatrends become future technologies.

    We are among the world’s top players with regard to a wide range of our technologies. To keep it that way, we have been investing a large share of our turnover in research and development on a regular basis for many years. In order to find out where this makes the most sense, we observe and evaluate global megatrends such as urbanization, climate change and digital progress, because they will change the way entire societies live and work. By taking a job at Diehl you will be close to the big picture - and right at the heart of innovation. Countless exciting job offers with interesting development options are waiting for you. At all levels and at all locations.

"With our smart metering solutions, we help to save valuable resources"

Dr. Lena Yoshihara-Lisch Innovation Management Diehl Metering Nürnberg
Professionals Professionals
Professionals Professionals
Professionals Professionals

Before I came to Diehl in 2018, I was deputy head of a research institute for seven years. I was faced with the decision: professorship or industry? At Diehl Metering, being responsible for innovation management, I can combine my passion for research with application. That way, I actively contribute to the implementation of new ideas in products and business models. Our smart metering solutions enable utilities to measure consumption data with high precision, transmit it and make it usable. As a pioneer in radio communication, we are actively working on developments in the field of digitization and the Internet of Things. And our AI-based software solutions help utilities, e.g., to minimize water losses or predict future energy needs. By doing so, we make an important contribution to the sustainable use of increasingly scarce resources.

A task that fulfills me.

Because in everything I have done professionally, it has always been very important to me that I see a purpose behind it.

  • You wanted a job. You found your future.

    You wanted a job. You found your future. You wanted a job. You found your future.

    Choosing Diehl as your employer is a decision with excellent prospects for the future. Diverse training and continuing development opportunities are a standard for us. We support you to develop yourself professionally and personally with individual programs. No matter whether you are a young professional, an experienced professional, an expert or a manager. The fact that we aim to fill two thirds of all specialist and management positions from within our own ranks shows how seriously we take this.

  • Do you want your master craftsman certificate or do you want to improve your English first?

    Do you want your master craftsman certificate or do you want to improve your English first? Do you want your master craftsman certificate or do you want to improve your English first?

    It is important to us that you are prepared for the challenges your job at Diehl might entail. That is why we support you if you want to develop professionally and personally. Together with your manager you will create an individual development plan. If, for example, you would like to take part in a study program outside your job or train to become a master craftsman or technician, we will be happy to support you. If you want to start on a smaller scale: Of course, we also offer language courses, presentation training, software training, technical courses and numerous further training opportunities.

  • Experts among themselves.

    Experts among themselves. Experts among themselves.

    Our technology experts are the ones who decisively advance our technology group with ideas and developments. We bring them together in our Diehl expert groups. This way, they can connect their strategically valuable knowledge and perfect their personal and professional skills. The program runs for about two years, includes regular seminars and is implemented throughout all corporate divisions.

  • Potential for more.

    Potential for more. Potential for more.

    In order to fill two-thirds of the vacant management positions with our own junior staff, we are looking for high potentials throughout the Group. Talents who want to take on further responsibility in the future are trained in individual programs. We have three different potential groups with a corporate-wide focus. Potential group C provides junior employees without management responsibility a solid foundation for their future career. Potential group B enables its graduates to lead a team of managers. Those who qualify for potential group A have what it takes to assume responsibility for larger product areas or a business unit.

  • Guiding the way: our mentoring.

    Guiding the way: our mentoring. Guiding the way: our mentoring.

    How do you best find out where your professional strengths lie? During our one-year mentoring program. In this program, an experienced specialist or manager mentors the employees, supports them in their activities and helps them build a network. At the end of the year, the mentee receives detailed feedback on his or her professional and personal skills, his or her potential and possible career directions for the future.

  • Wanted: Future Managers.

    Wanted: Future Managers. Wanted: Future Managers.

    The equivalent to our expert groups, which target our employees with a technical background, is the management development for commercial employees. After all, highly motivated, capable managers are just as crucial to our future success as technological expertise. Junior staff and established employees with potential are identified and promoted throughout the Group. This enables them to develop in the best way and qualify for a global career in the areas of Finance / Controlling, Human Resources, Purchasing and IT.

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