Highly accurate, lead-free brass ultrasonic smart water meter for residential, commercial and industrial installations.


  • Extreme low-flow accuracy and long term measurement stability
  • Integrated leak detection
  • Mountable in any installation position
  • Lead-free copper alloy body
  • IP68 rated
  • 42 days of hourly data storage
  • Diehl Extended Encoder protocol that includes temperature, alarms and error messages, etc.
  • Meets or exceeds C715 AWWA/ANSI Standards
  • Complies with NSF/ANSI Standards 61, Annex F/G as well as FCC part 15 B
  • General Technical Data
    Potable water temperature°F33 ... 122
    Ambient operating temperature°F-13 ... 131
    Ambient storage temperature°F-13 ... 158 (90° F max. for one hour)
    Maximum operating pressurepsi300
    Power supplyTwo 3.6 VDC lithium batteries
    Battery lifetimeUp to 20 years
    Encoder interface9 digit programmable resolution industry standard encoder protocol, ASCII output for compatibility with most AMR/AMI systems, Diehl extended protocol is available
    Data storageAlarms and consumption values (42 days of hourly data storage)
    Protection classIP68
  • Technical Data Display
    Display indicationLCD, 9-digit, additional symbols/display counter/unit
    UnitsFlow and volume (gpm, gal, ft³, m³)
    Values displayedDisplay test - total volume - firmware version / checksum - current flow - errors / alarms (Additional values based on configuration)
    AlarmsHardware flow - leak detection - backflow - air in pipe - low battery - undersized meter - no consumption - high temperature - freezing risk
  • Approval
    NSFComplies with NSF/ANSI Standard 61, Annex F/G
    AWWAMeets or exceeds applicable sections of the AWWA/ANSI C715 Standards
    FCCComplies with FCC part 15 B
  • Material
    Measuring pipeLead-free copper alloy (stainless steel 1½" & 2")
    Register housingEngineered polymer
    ReflectorsStainless steel
  • Technical Data
    Size⅝" x ½"⅝" x ¾"¾"S¾"1"1 ½"2" *
    Lay lengthinch910¾1317
    Operating flow rangegpm0.08 - 220.08 - 220.1 - 320.1 - 320.1 - 550.16 - 1000.8 - 170
    Low flow rangegpm0.025 - 0.080.025 - 0.080.04 - 0.10.04 - 0.10.055 - 0.10.1 - 0.160.55 - 0.8
    Starting flowgpm0.0110.0110.0170.0170.0250.0380.11
    Operating range accuracy%±1.5±1.5±1.5±1.5±1.5±1.5±1.5
    Low flow range accuracy%±5±5±5±5±5±5±5
    Pressure losspsi4.3@15 gpm4.3@15 gpm2.0@15 gpm2.0@15 gpm1.5@25 gpm3.5@70 gpm3.6@110 gpm
    *Please contact Diehl Metering US for 2" availability.
  • Dimensions
    Size⅝" x ½"⅝" x ¾"¾"S¾"1"1 ½"2" *
    Lay lengthinch910¾1317
    Register lengthL1inch3.
    Register widthWinch3.
    Overall heightHinch4.
    Height from center of pipe to topH1inch2.
    Nominal thread size¾" - 14 NPSM1” - 11½ NPSM1” - 11½ NPSM1” - 11½ NPSM1¼” - 11½ NPSMoval flangesoval flanges
    Net weightlbs.
    *Please contact Diehl Metering US for 2" availability.

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