Social actions at the heart of Diehl Metering Bażanowice

Social actions at the heart of Diehl Metering Bażanowice Social actions at the heart of Diehl Metering Bażanowice
Diehl Metering

At our site in Bażanowice, Poland, Diehl Metering’s team is leading a number of social actions for people in need. In addition to a twice-annual fundraiser organized by the Employee Council, Bażanowice now has a key role in coordinating our company’s efforts to help refugees from Ukraine.

Every six months, Diehl Metering Bażanowice organizes an event known as “Kropelka" (“a drop” in Polish) to support local people in difficult situations, especially those with health issues or financial problems. Members of the Employee Council identify an individual or family in particular need of charitable and economic assistance, and posters are displayed inside the Bażanowice plant to highlight their challenges and promote the campaign. Everyone working on the site is then invited to donate money to finance the support efforts – and Diehl Metering supplements the fund by contributing another two-thirds to the total donations made by employees.

Most recently, the donations helped a 3-year-old girl who suffers from multiple neurological illnesses that impede her development. The previous "Kropelka" focused on a local family that had lost their house to a fire. These small “drops” make a big difference to individuals’ lives, and the next fundraiser will be held in June.

Following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, our Bażanowice site has had another focus for its social actions. Given its geographical location, the plant is particularly close to the refugee crisis. Some 2.3 million Ukrainians have already fled their country to reach Poland, and several sanatoriums situated just 10 kilometers from our Polish site are currently hosting refugees. The Bażanowice team is planning to lend its support to the 400 children at the sanatoriums.

Furthermore, many Diehl Metering teams around the world have organized initiatives to support refugees by sending them packages of essential goods, and our Bażanowice team is happy to coordinate these actions with other sites over the next few months.

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