Why saving water is crucial to tackling Earth Overshoot Day

Why saving water is crucial to tackling Earth Overshoot Day Why saving water is crucial to tackling Earth Overshoot Day
Diehl Metering

Earth Overshoot Day, the date on which we overconsume the planet’s natural resources, is quickly approaching. It’s a wake-up call for us all, because if we don’t take action, we risk living in a world where essential resources like water becomes increasingly scarce. We can all contribute to saving water – and Diehl Metering intends to be part of the solution for people everywhere.

Water is at the heart of sustainable development. We use it in our homes, in agriculture and industry. It is vital for health and social wellbeing. And its presence on our planet ensures a well-balanced ecosystem and life in all its forms. But we should never lose sight of the fact that water is a finite resource and it is only renewable as long as we manage it properly.

Heading for a crisis

In 2021, Earth Overshoot Day falls on July 29. Beyond that date, we are consuming natural resources like water faster than the planet can regenerate them. Unless we change our habits, we will create water shortages all over the world.

According to current predictions, global water demand is set to increase 55% by 2050*. If today’s consumption patterns continue, two-thirds of the world’s population will live in water-stressed countries by 2025*. That’s why we need to act now.

Smart water

How can we divert this catastrophe? By becoming more conscious of how we use water – and then taking action to consume less. Each of us can make individual efforts, like taking shorter showers or not letting water run when we brush our teeth. But there is also a bigger picture when it comes to water management by utilities and cities – and that’s where Diehl Metering comes in.

We design solutions and services to optimize the way natural resources are managed, minimizing waste and maximizing sustainability. Our smart water meters are capable of collecting real-time data about water consumption, flow and temperature. In a fixed network, this information is automatically sent to our IZAR central data management software and presented in an easy-to-understand dashboard.

In this way, utilities are empowered to quickly detect and address anomalies such as leaks and inefficiencies in their network, taking action to reduce wasted water.

Digitalize to save water

The digitalization of water networks presents many opportunities to further improve sustainability. By exploring the Internet of Things, smart water meters can connect with a host of devices across the network. This wealth of data can be interpreted through artificial intelligence to predict conditions that precede a burst pipe or to anticipate consumer behavior during a heatwave.

Network digitalization can also help consumers to better manage their water consumption. Our IZAR@HOME smartphone app offers consumers an insight into how they use water and encourages them to change their habits to reduce water consumption.

A multi-faceted solution

Through our smart water solutions, utilities, communities and consumers can use and manage water more efficiently, saving water and reducing waste. By saving water within the existing infrastructure, they reduce the need to tap new water sources and build new plants. They also help to save energy – because the collection and treatment of waste water are energy-intensive activities.

In this way, our smart water solutions provide opportunities on many levels to address the issues behind Earth Overshoot Day. Through such tools, we can collectively move back the date of Earth Overshoot Day and ensure our planet’s longevity for future generations.

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