Promoting Greenhouse Gas reduction at European Sustainable Development Week

Promoting Greenhouse Gas reduction at European Sustainable Development Week Promoting Greenhouse Gas reduction at European Sustainable Development Week
Diehl Metering

As part of European Sustainable Development Week (ESDW), Diehl Metering organized a number of employee events at its different sites. The theme of this year’s edition, held September 18 to October 8, 2022, was climate action (Sustainable Development Goal #13), and we focused our activities on raising awareness of greenhouse gases and our efforts to reduce them.

ESDW is an important date in our calendar. We’ve supported the event for more than 10 years in France and extended to all European sites more recently in order to promote sustainability with our employees.

This year’s edition of ESDW saw a welcome return to in-person events after the previous two years of virtual webinars. All our European sites registered as official participants, and our US and Chinese sites were invited to join them in organizing workshops to promote our actions in reducing greenhouse gases.

Throughout 2022, we have been carefully assessing our company’s greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for all 7 gases and not just CO2. We have now collected data across our 6 production sites and logistic center, covering direct emissions from sources we own or control, as well as indirect emissions from purchased electricity, steam, heating and cooling. We have also integrated all other indirect emissions from our value chain. Our priority is to gather high-quality data that we can use as a basis to monitor and reduce our carbon footprint and have a positive effect on climate change.

During the ESDW events, our employees had a chance to learn about these actions – and to offer their ideas and feedback through live and online workshops and other initiatives on all sites. In addition, in Germany, the event was accompanied by a tree to be planted for every attendee, representing a total of 550 trees (PLANT-MY-TREE®). Our Austrian and Polish team put up interactive posters, inviting employees to place stickers on the poster to learn about greenhouse gas emissions. And, in France, brainstorming sessions were held to gather ideas about what we can do individually to reduce greenhouse gases.

Read more about our sustainability actions in our COP.

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