New white paper highlights the potential of mioty® for water utilities

New white paper highlights the potential of mioty® for water utilities New white paper highlights the potential of mioty® for water utilities
Diehl Metering

A new Diehl Metering white paper investigates the challenges facing water utilities, and highlights the potential to address them using mioty®, a next-generation connectivity standard. In combination with an adapted solution, mioty® can considerably improve leak detection and transform the way we approach Non-Revenue Water (NRW).

Did you know that 2.7 billion people experience water scarcity at least one month a year? And that two-thirds of the world’s population may be facing water shortages by 2025? With water becoming an ever more precious resource, water utilities have an increasing responsibility to address challenges that affect not just their own business, but also the wider community and the future of our planet.

One of the most important tools at their disposition is network monitoring through digitalization. By ensuring a constant flow of accurate data about their network, utilities can identify and address the causes of water loss to optimize water management. But to do this, they need a reliable and high-performance connectivity standard.

The unique characteristics of mioty® mean it is well-positioned to fulfil this role. In particular, mioty for Metering has been developed as a mioty®-based IoT radio standard for the metering sector. It offers long range coverage, extreme robustness to interference, and excellent interoperability.

The white paper analyzes the potential of using mioty for Metering to set a new standard in NRW management. It considers the network configurations, software solutions and support needed to get the most from mioty®, helping utilities to tackle the urgent challenges of water loss and NRW.

To discover more about mioty for Metering, visit our web page.

For a fuller understanding of mioty® and its potential to address NRW, download the white paper now.

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