Major update of our IZAR@Home App

This app designed to be used by the end consumer, enables them to keep track on their utility consumption, including water, heat, cooling, electricity and gas.

Major update of our IZAR@Home App Major update of our IZAR@Home App
Diehl Metering

The app is available for Android and iOS smartphones and will provide consumers with insightful data and cost tracking options.

At the same time, utilities can send notifications to the consumers to inform them about e.g., upcoming collections of meter data or necessary maintenance and can provide answers to frequently asked questions.

With the latest update, you can :

  • Use multiple identifiers within one user account
    ​This change was intended to enable the operation of multiple locations (apartment, summer house, second house or flat, etc.) using one IZAR@Home account.

  • Easily manage devices
    You can now easily manage devices (smartphones) on which users were (or still are) logged in on the
    IZAR@Home App.
  • Add unit costs
    Keep an eye on your bill by adding the unit cost for each type of utility
    (water/heat/cooling/electricity/gas). This enables estimated tracking of consumption costs.
  • Add logos of your media provider
    Get a better overview of your media providers by adding their logo (as icon or picture) to the app.
  • Compare consumption
    It is now possible to compare media consumption on a month-to-month and year-to-year basis.

More details about the application? Watch our product video or visit the IZAR@Home product page.