COVID-19: Continuing to serve you while protecting everyone

Diehl Metering
Corporate Communication

The current global pandemic of COVID-19 is affecting all our lives and our daily business. During this challenging period, Diehl Metering’s absolute priority remains the health and safety of its employees, partners and customers.

As a socially responsible global company, we are taking all the action we can in limiting the spread of the virus. We are closely monitoring the developments related to the Coronavirus in the areas where we conduct business.

At all our sites, we are implementing the necessary health and safety protection so that we can continue to serve you to the highest possible standards.

We have particularly intensified our hygiene and security measures, disinfecting production sites continuously, and heavily restricting access to the premises to third parties. We have established protocols for quarantining and home-office as preventive measures. We are proactively and regularly informing our employees about the risks and transmission methods of the virus so they can take better preventative action individually and avoid contagion.

All these measures are aimed at preserving the integrity of our products and protecting the health and safety of everyone involved. On this date of March 17, all of our production sites are operating normally. We continue to take all new orders but, due to current circumstances, we cannot commit to delivery times. Of course, all customers will be kept updated throughout their orders.

In the face of the international travel ban, closing borders and unprecedented measures for an unprecedented public health crisis, we would like to mention that our situation could change daily. We will therefore be working with our customers and partners to update each other regularly about the latest developments.  

We remain available for all questions and concerns, and can be reached by phone, e-mail or Skype. We would like to assure all our customers of our continued commitment to them and their business needs.

Let’s stay safe and healthy together.

Dr Christof Bosbach,
CEO, President of the Division Board Diehl Metering

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