ALTAIR V5: New generation of volumetric water meters launched

We recently launched the first products of the fifth generation of our ALTAIR water meter series with remarkable improvements on durability and sustainability.

ALTAIR V5: New generation of volumetric water meters launched ALTAIR V5: New generation of volumetric water meters launched

Focus on sustainability

Diehl Metering

When developing the new generation of the ALTAIR, we chose an eco-design approach to reduce the environmental impact of the meter over all stages of its lifecycle. Thanks to the more compact design, we were able to minimize its carbon footprint as well as reduce shipping costs by: 

  • 30% - 60% reduction of the meter's weight (based on variant) 
  • Using partially bio-sourced material 
  • Reducing material and energy consumption 

In fact, the improved eco-design and the materials used positively impact the lifetime of the ALTAIR volumetric meter as we could at the same time reduce wear and tear. 

Country specific variants available 


When developing our products, we not only put great attention towards sustainability. At the same time our focus lays on the needs and requirements of our customers. This guarantees the best possible user experience.  

Due to country-specific requirements, we already introduced the ALTAIR V5 Manifold for installation in the UK market and are currently working on further variants to be used in e.g. the US and Australia. On the other hand, we will offer variants with different material and size compositions, such as a brass- or composite-line. 

Ready for smart metering 


You want to build a smart network with the ALTAIR V5? Thanks to the modularity of our meters, they can be easily upgraded with a clip-on radio module to make them ready for mobile or remote reading. It is even possible to directly order the configured modules together with the ALTAIR meters to make sure they are ready to be integrated with the smart network of your city or municipality.  

An overview of specifics about the new meter series can be found on the ALTAIR V5 product page. If you wish to receive more information about the product and its usage, get in touch with our team!