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Status of Household Appliance

Status of Household Appliance Status of Household Appliance

Technischer Lösungsvorschlag A2017-018
Unternehmenseinheit: Diehl AKO Stiftung & Co. KG


The idea is to suggest a system which displays the status of a household appliance, e.g. an oven, a washer, a dryer, a dishwasher, a hob or so on. This offers the possibility to get an information about the appliance status through the lighting system. To receive this information no additional devices such as a mobile phone are necessary.

The status information is given by a RGB lighting system. The change of status is displayed, for example in case of an appliance finishes its cycle the colour of the light is changed then. For example the light colour is changed from “normal” white to another colour maybe green.

A dangerous status might be displayed by red colour, e.g. if an oven is hot.

Another example is the RGB backlight of a TV is changing its colour as dishwasher finished its cycle from red into green.

Another possibility is to allocate a single colour to a distinct appliance, e.g. blue to the washing machine, yellow to the dishwasher, pink to the dryer, orange to the hob, etc. This offers the possibility to easily identify which appliance changed the status.

Also a combination of the single colour of a distinct appliance with the colour indicating a dangerous situation is possible. For example, the orange light standing for the hob is alternating with red light indicating the hob is hot.

This change of light colour might happen in all rooms of a flat or a house to inform the user wherever he goes. In an alternative the colour of light is solely changed in the room the user sojourns.

Both lighting system and appliance shall be connected via a wireless system (e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.).

The lighting system might be a standard home lighting system, a smart lighting system, a lighting system from another device (e.g. ambient or back light of a TV), etc.

A control device will collect data from the appliance and will drive the lighting system in an appropriate way and initiates a change of the light colour depending on user settings. This control device might be integrated in an appliance, in a central unit of a smart home system or so on.

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