Technologies give the beat for our company, with innovations playing first fiddle. A lot of training is necessary to set the tone exactly:

Thus, innovation management cooperates worldwide to track down and implement ideas. With our partners and other companies we exchange views about technological developments and investigate potential fields of action. By Corporate Venturing , we provide room for good ideas to learn and grow.

  • Digitalization Digitalization


    Digitalization in the company not only drives efficiency increases in administration and production but also the development of new products and helps set up new business models.

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  • E-Mobility E-Mobility


    Ever-increasing battery ranges are required for automobiles. At Diehl Advanced Mobility in Zehdenick, experts develop and manufacture components for batteries in this field of strong growth.

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  • Lead-free Materials Lead-free Materials

    Lead-free Materials

    Lead is being replaced in many products by more sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Diehl Metall has set itself the goal of making a sustainable contribution to this through innovative product and production solutions.

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  • Connectivity Connectivity


    Connectivity makes products smarter and allows technology to be used more conveniently. Diehl Controls serves this broad and strongly growing market with in-house hardware and application developments for customers who want to make their products smarter.

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  • Water Metering Water Metering

    Water Metering

    In many regions of the world, water is very scarce. The wasting of water through undiscovered leaks in water pipes can therefore cause great damage. The very sensitive Diehl ultrasonic water meters can be used to detect leaks in pipes.

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  • Projection in the aircraft Projection in the aircraft

    Projection in the aircraft

    As a leading company in the field of aircraft cabin lighting, Diehl Aviation has developed particular strength in LED lamps.

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    Vehicles or drones used as a weapon have developed into serious safety hazards for public space. For many years; Diehl Defence has developed countermeasures such as HPEM (High-Power Electro-Magnetics) effector systems.

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