Ines Wiegel

Digital work works differently. Diehl Informatik knows how.

Digital work works differently

Working efficiently and close to the customer, even without an office. The internal IT supplier Diehl Informatik implemented strategies for a productive digital working world.

Ines Wiegel Ines Wiegel
A virtual workplace needs space for real encounters.

"All encounters that usually take place in the coffee kitchen or on the way to the cafeteria have to be replaced in a digitized world. Otherwise, one risks to lose close contact to customers and between employees – despite motivating working results." states Ines Wiegel.

The IT services are adjusting to a positive digital work culture: "We regularly invite all employees to a large online circle. Every question can be asked and all kind of topics can be mentioned; we use these virtual encounters with informal character in addition to the employee meetings."

Staying in touch with each other 

The challenge with those large online circles is the period of time until all participants have arrived online. Ines Wiegel knows how important an active start is: "In order to create a relaxed atmosphere and an interest in the discussion at the beginning of the call, we already inivted a llama from an animal sanctuary for the first minutes of the video call." It is essential to have a common experience that connects employees and fosters a good atmosphere.

Contact creates trust

The virtual workplace needs space for real encounters: "We have set up an internal network including a virtual coffee corner to stay in touch and meet colleagues – as we do it in the office. Like this, employees come into contact with each other beyond work," confirms Ines Wiegel.

  • As a traditional yet future-oriented company, Diehl welcomes people who have both feet planted firmly on the ground and who at the same time are looking forward to extend their potential. We search for colleagues who wish to assume responsibility from the beginning and who have ideas that ensure we will always have our step ahead in technology over the long term. Because a partnership with Diehl lasts – often for a whole working life.

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