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Being a technology group, we consider it an important task to continuously improve our innovative capacity, technological expertise, product range, our market position and our capital structure – and thus ultimately our competitiveness. To achieve this, it is necessary to keep tapping new business segments to make better economic use of existing know-how and to keep adding to it in a goal-oriented manner. Our business units are supported by the central technology of the Group in this task. Together, our experts identify future-oriented technologies, get innovation processes rolling, and provide assistance to group-wide competence teams. As specialists who are interested in research, they benefit from close, informal connections with universities and research institutes. 

Competencies & Technology

Drive technology

A frequency inverter is a power-electronic module that regulates the frequency and amplitude of AC voltage so as to ensure efficient power supply to electrical drive units according to the respective special requirements. 

Among other things, Diehl Controls develops and manufactures single-phase frequency inverters in the performance ranges 50 W to 300 W or 500 W to 1,000 W for washing machines or power tools. The control parameters automatically adjust to the motor type and current operating conditions (e.g. temperature) of the customers' machines in order to guarantee best possible system efficiency and system characteristics.

We also ensure access to new technologies via Diehl Ventures GmbH . This company helps start-ups in trying out new business models and tapping new markets and customer segments, and makes it possible for Diehl as a whole to profit from the pro-innovation start-up culture.

The objective of this joint work is to guarantee economic sustainability for the Diehl Group as a diversified, globally positioned and independent technology group. Some selected examples demonstrate the bandwidth of our technological positioning. 

State of the Art

  • Technical solutions and ideas from our business units are published here on a regular basis to provide contribution to the common state of the art. 


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