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Technologies give the beat for our company, with innovations playing first fiddle. A lot of training is necessary to set the tone exactly:

Thus, innovation management cooperates worldwide to track down and implement ideas. With our partners and other companies, e.g. the innovation association quer.kraft , we exchange views about technological developments and investigate potential fields of action. By Corporate Venturing , we provide room for good ideas to learn and grow.

Technology at Diehl

Advanced Materials

Lightweight construction, specific copper alloys, carbon fibers, smart materials or “self-reproducing” molecules: the development of new materials influences production processes and products alike. Advanced materials facilitate new applications, optimize products and have cost-reduction potential.

How can these advanced materials be used in a profitable way? This is a question that concerns the Diehl group as a whole. Constantly pushing to the limits of technological possibilities, we work to make new products available to our customers. To this end, we traditionally invest considerably in research and development and also expand our knowledge by collaborating with renowned research institutes and universities. 

Constant examination of materials and processes for potential improvement is a central element of our self-conception. Especially sensor, storage and lighting technology promise still a lot of potential for future material developments. 


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Corporate Venturing

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